Master Data Management Services – Enterprise Data Management Solution

Our Masters Data Management packages include Data Consolidation, Data Cleansing, Enrichment, Deduplication and Distribution/Synchronization. Seamlessly manage all data with M-Connect Solutions.

Data Management System

When you are drowning in the ocean of data, M-Connect Solutions comes with a lifeboat (master key) to save you. Give us the responsibility to manage your ample data and focus your vision to accomplish the mission and stand strong in the competitive world.

Master Data Management

The branches or departments within a company have their own sets of data. Combining these for analyzing will have chances of redundant or overlapping data which does not yield accurate reports for decision making. Hence, M-Connect Solutions offers MDM to consistently manage non-transactional data. MDM also enables easy maintenance of data lineage and history for audit purposes.

  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Distribution/Synchronization

Single Trusted Master version of all your Data
Provision of Seamless and Accurate information Across Multiple Channels

  • Data Consolidation
    The records from various systems which represent the same physical entity are consolidated into one record – a master record. The record is assigned a version number to enable a mechanism to check which version of record is being used in particular systems. It also includes maintaining traceability to determine which systems and the cells from that source system are contributing to the BVT (Build Verification Testing). The match process aids to determine Duplicate records.
  • Data Cleansing
    It is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. The data cleansing process is very much essential in MDM. The key aspect is the identification of quality data after the cleansing.
  • Data Enrichment
    Data Enrichment works to correct misspellings or typographical errors in a database through the use of precision algorithms. Another way that data enrichment works are in extrapolating data. Through methodologies such as fuzzy logic, engineers at M-Connect Solutions produce more from a given raw data set. The goal is to have consistent, complete data that prevents information errors and conflicts.
  • Data Deduplication
    There are cases in an organization where separate records identifies the same customer. For example, the bank may have a record identifying a customer while the bank’s insurance subsidiary or department maintains a separate database of customers having a different record for the same customer. It is important that these two records are deduplicated and maintained as one master record.
  • Data Distribution/Synchronization
    This is the part of service in which master records are distributed to the systems in the enterprise. The goal is that all the systems are using the same version of the record as soon as possible after the publication of the new record. Synchronization is highly essential among all the departments, so that all of them are on the same page.

Why Choose Us?

    We respect your business. We will never contact your business competitors/clients.
    We understand the confidentiality of your data and will never disclose to unwanted stake holders.
    We do not believe is simply doing the work, we believe in accomplishing the task with best quality standards.

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