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Application Development Lifecycle Management: A Structured Method for Accomplishing Business Goals

When a collection of programs satisfies certain requirements or resolves certain issues, then it is called an application. The collaboration between business management and IT has given rise to the application tools to facilitate the management functionality. It is essential

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Usability Factors of Web Design to Keep Your Website Performance on Top Notch

Well, when is actually trying to evaluate the performance of their website they would naturally consider a series of parameters to assess the same and arrive at a final conclusion. But, here the question is does the website design have

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Is Desktop Website Satisfactory for Mobile SEO and Responsive Web Design?

It is a well known fact that a lot is being accomplished by way of the smartphones and more and more websites are transforming or rather making their websites mobile friendly so that they do not lose out on this

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Web Developer Must Aware of Latest Trend of High Screen Resolutions

ZHPXNEVU2MG7 Numerous countries reported a huge revelation when they discovered that people had turned to higher resolutions and bigger screens. Gone are the days when people urged for compact devices, now, they want bigger and better! 1366×788 replaced the conventional

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SaaS CMS: SaaS Based CMS is Ideal Choice for SMBs

Recently record indicate that “CMS Solutions provider Espouse The SaaS Technology“. Software as a service (SaaS) is a delivery model where data is stored in an Internet cloud and is accessible through web browsers commonly known as thin clients. It

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Yii Framework Justifies Matchless CMS Development

Yii is an open source, secure, object-oriented, professional web application development framework based on PHP. Its prime features include MVC architecture, jQuery integration, Ajax based widgets, authentication support and validation mechanism etc. It follows web 2.0 standard of coding and

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Key Information on Web 2.0 Application Development

How many of us are aware of what web 2.0 technology means? As laymen we may have a very rudimentary idea and hence here is an attempt to focus on what web 2.0 technology is and what impact it has

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Multi-store eCommerce / Shopping Cart Website Software for Your Business

Multi-store eCommerce is nothing but opening more doors to fresh and greener avenues that would give your business a fresh lease of life in terms of saleability and revenue.  And it enables the management of many web stores through single

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A/B Testing for Web Performance Optimization & User Test

Introduction to A/B testing A/B testing is well known and buzzes generating method in online business world for testing different online marketing strategies to your business. The A/B testing help you to choose best online marketing strategies for you online

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5 Simple But Effective principles of the UI (User Interface) Designing

Useful and breathtaking designs are made by creating a successful and Clean UI for your website users. It really consume too much time to understand how to make a very terrific user experience on your and on your clients website

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