Top 10+ Unique .Net Core Libraries Web Developers Must Utilize

Open-source libraries for ASP.Net development have a significant role to play in reducing the workload of developers. They simplify the task of creating & managing the web applications for the .Net development team.

As the digital population is expanding, the need for more user-friendly web and mobile applications is stirring up. The rising competitiveness amongst developers and entrepreneurs has made them hustle to stay ahead in the queue. Microsoft’s .Net frameworks such as .Net Core have come out as a blessing in disguise for both web developers and entrepreneurs.

.Net Core is a cross-platform & lightweight framework for web and mobile-based development. It is the most valuable upgrade from the Microsoft team which allows developers to craft peerless, dynamic, and feature-rich web and mobile applications. By utilizing the most unique & useful libraries, developers can ease their work further. So, here are the top 10+ unique .Net Core Libraries:

Top 10+ Unique .Net Core Libraries Web Developers Must Utilize

Here we present the top .Net Core based libraries. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

1. Swashbuckle

It is a library that allows you to build the most elegant API documentation. With the help of Swagger UI, Swashbuckle allows you to explore and test as many API operations as possible. Other features of this robust library include automatic generation of swagger 2.0, seamless integration with Swagger UI, describe API types to get reflection-based schema generation.

Further, the library also offers swagger UI extensibility hooks, has support for XML comments, and also supports authentication implicit OAuth2. Swashbuckle has been rated over 4k stars on GitHub.

Visit here for more info:

2. Polly

It is a lightweight library for developers to utilize and handle faults such as retrying, timeout, circuit break, thread-safe fallback, and bulkhead isolation. The important features Polly offers are navigation through unrealistic networks, offer resilient strategies, enable zero-dependency. This .Net Core Library has got over 9K stars on GitHub.

Check it out for more info:

3. Diagnostic.HealthChecks

Another great .Net Core library that helps check the liveliness and UI ports for Microsoft health checks. The library also enables you to display health checks by creating exclusive APIs. Further, you can use Diagnostics.Healthchecks library for monitoring health of applications, databases, APIs, servers, etc. On GitHub, it has over 2.3k stars.

Visit here for more info:

4. AutoMapper

It is a mapping library for developers to enable Expression mapping, EFG extensions, IDataReader/Record extensions, collection extensions, Microsoft Di extension, Enum extensions, etc. AutoMapper is a .Net Core library that helps manage object-to-object mapping. This library has relieved developers from worrying about codes while mapping values. The library has over 8.1K stars on GitHub.

Visit here for more info:

5. SaaSKit

SaaSKit is a library that helps .Net Core developers to build SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. The library is aimed to be platform agnostics and make building SaaS applications as simple as possible. Using the OWIN interface of the library, you can build multitenant apps. The SaaSKit library has around 1K stars to date on GitHub.

Check out the SaaSKit Library here:

6. MailKit

Built on top of MimeKit, MailKit is a cross-platform mail client library for applications built on .Net Core. The developer team has put a lot of effort into making the MailKit library perfect with the goal of becoming the very best email framework for .Net Core. The library provides the robust, fully-featured & RFC-Compliant SMTP, POP3, & IMAP4 client implementation.

Further, the library supports SASL authentication, Proxy support, Client-side sorting, and threading of messages. The MailKit library project has 4.2k stars on GitHub.

Visit here for more info:

7. NLog

NLog is a flexible & free to use logging library for .Net Developers to utilize. It comes with rich routing and management capabilities. Regardless of the size or complexity, the library would easily produce and manage high-quality logs. NLog is also helpful for request aggregation, web sockets, authentication, rate limiting, authorization, load balancing, caching, and configuration.

Moreover, the library can process the diagnostic messages produced from any of the .Net languages. It can augment such messages with contextual information and format them to send to one or more targets. The NLog has over 5.1k stars on GitHub.

Visit here for more information:

8. LiteDB

LiteDB is a lightweight NoSQL-based small & fast database library. It is an open-source MongoDB-like database with almost no configuration. The best thing about this library is it is even mobile-ready. The project has got around 5.8k stars on GitHub. Here’s what the library offers:

  • Offers NoSQL serverless document store
  • MongoDB-like simple API
  • ACID comes with full transaction support
  • Data recovery after failure
  • Datafile encryption using DES

Visit here for more info:

9. UnitConversion

UnitConversion is an extensible .Net library for all modern platforms. It is designed to be extensible through either factories or concrete converter implementations. Currently, the UnitConversion has a limited implementation which includes:

  • MassConverter
  • TImeConverter
  • DistanceConverter
  • AreaConverter
  • VolumeConverter

For further information, visit here:

10. Ocelot

Ocelot is an open-source API gateway for running microservices or service-oriented architecture. The project is aimed at people using .Net and needs a single point of entry to the system. The library would run on any ASP.Net-supported platform along with platforms that speak HTTP. There are many things that Ocelot can do. Here are the features:

  • Request Aggregation
  • Routing
  • Service Fabric
  • Kubernetes
  • WebSockets
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

The project has got 6.3k stars over GitHub. Visit here for more information:

11. Dapper

Last but not least is Dapper, which is another great .Net Core library for object mapping. Dapper is a NuGet Library that supports ORM with great performance for SQL Server, MySQL, SqlCE, SQLite, and others. You can add Dapper to your project to extend the IDbConnection Interface.

The key factor of this library is the performance it offers. Dapper has got around 14k stars on GitHub.

Visit here for further information:


We hope that this article has spread light on some of the top open-source libraries based on .Net Core frameworks that developers must know and utilize. These libraries help ease your work of developing high-performing web and mobile applications as per your needs. All the listed libraries have their stamp of approval from the GitHub users.

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