Top 10+ Helpful PHP Libraries to Utilize For Web App Development

PHP is one of the powerful scripting programming languages to craft dynamic and engaging web applications. It powers almost 80% of the global web application because of its unmatched functionality and possibilities. PHP helps ease the development of integrated and dynamic applications with desire features.

However, developing websites in PHP from scratch can be sometimes a tedious job. That’s where PHP libraries come into play. Libraries eliminate the hassle developers have to go through and boost the effectiveness while coding web applications. Many of the top PHP libraries help configure several development functions easily, allowing developers to focus on more complex functionality development.

Without further ado, let’s get into top PHP libraries to utilize:

Helpful PHP Libraries to Utilize for Web App Development

Here, we have compiled a list of top helpful PHP libraries for developers to utilize while creating functional web applications.

1. Monolog

It is a logging library for PHP and helps save logs on specified locations such as files, sockets, inboxes, databases, and others. Oftentimes, saving logs seems difficult but the Monolog library will make the task of saving logs at defined locations easy.

Monolog uses the PSR-3 interface for keeping the maximum interoperability by allowing type-hint logs against your library.

2. Guzzle

Guzzle is another helpful library for PHP to send HTTP requests to web servers. The library allows developers to send HTTP requests easily to integrate the webserver. It has a simple user interface that aids in building query strings, HTTP cookies, post requests, and other attributes.

Further, Guzzle’s user interface allows programmers to send synchronous as well as asynchronous requests.

3. Symfony Console Components

One of the core elements of most PHP-based frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and others is the Command-Line Interface (CLI). This Library is built for such frameworks to provide ease to interpret CLI. The integration of Symfony Console Components with the application is quite simple.

The library is precisely created for building testable CLI components in PHP-based frameworks. The implementation of the library first requires a PHP script.

4. Assert

Assert library is an extensively useful library for developers to test the input and output of methods used in just a few minutes. It’s simple and takes the load off from developers to code extensive web applications. Also, the integration of the library with the coding project is easy and comes with the whole documentation for integration.

Assert has some default error messages built right into it, which developers can change or customize as per their error requirements.

5. Symfony/Translate

Symfony/translate is a translation library helping developers to build multilingual web apps. It is a really handy translation package and supports various languages for building multilingual apps. Also, the growing demand of the world requires PHP programmers to utilize such a handy tool to craft desired web apps with support for multiple languages.

Symfony/Translate library comes with documentation, making it easy to work with. For the implementation of the library, developers need to define locale in the constructor class for automatic page translation.

6. PHPUnit

It is one of the best PHP libraries for performing unit testing in PHP-based web applications. PHPUnit enables developers to perform tests on application code and find any possible errors or bugs. Further, developers using PHPUnit for unit testing can resolve various bugs in the application that may have arisen while run-time execution.

Thus, the PHPUnit library is one of the most helpful and important libraries to assess the cores of the application and fix bugs on time with bespoke solutions.

7. Swiftmailer

It is a feature-rich PHP library built for making email operations easy in any web application. It offers an advanced object-oriented approach with an integration of a multitude of mailing features to aid in sending emails over the web.

One of the significant functions of this PHP library is it protects mails and prevents malicious injection attacks and that too without requesting data content. This makes Swiftmailer one of the efficient mailing resource systems.

8. Email-validator

Email-validator is another great library for PHP developers to utilize. It is a specialized PHP email validator library that helps in validating emails using different validation points. It provides multiple email validation types such as RFC validation, NoRFCWarning Validation, SpoofCheck Validation, and others.

Also, the library incorporates a DNS validation feature, which helps developers to validate emails for spam. To implement, you first need to define the validation method or a strategy. The official documentation includes six types of validation currently.

9. Twig

Twig is also a great PHP library that compiles templates into simple and easy to understand PHP codes for developers. It is a fast, simple, efficient, and secure templating library for PHP. It helps boost the performance of the web application by reducing the overhead of complex back-end code.

Further, the library offers super customizability. Developers can define tags, filters, and custom DSL as per their need to build an application.

10. AWS SDK for PHP

This PHP library enables developers to use Amazon Web Services for their PHP-based web applications. By integrating this AWS SDK, programmers can develop web apps that are associated with Amazon S3, Glacier, DynamoDB, & other services. All you have to do is install this library using composer or download the zip file.

Most of the Amazon services are pre-configured & ready to deploy. For implementation, start with initializing the SDK by including vendor files & create different use cases.

11. Predis

Last but not the least, Predis is the Redis-based caching tool for PHP applications. Predis is a very effective PHP library that reduces the overhead of caching in web applications. Developers can use this library for clustering, transparent key prefixing, master-slave replication setup, and many more optimization operations.

Further, to provide network and protocol back-end, Predis supports different connection classes. For implementation, first, start with loading the library in your project.


With this list of helpful PHP libraries, we come to the end of this article. All these PHP-based libraries are popular and most used by the majority of developers across the world. Further, these libraries will take the load off from the developers and ease the common functions to focus on core tasks.

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