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How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Healthcare?

AI-powered Chatbot is going to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing exceptional services and opportunities to advance the healthcare experiences to the next level. Let’s learn what is going on in healthcare after the introduction of AI-powered Chatbot. Introduction: Today,

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Voice Search Optimization: The Future of Search Marketing

Early search engine marketing was based on textual queries. With the introduction of voice search, SEO has unique challenges to deal with. The current post is illustrating what voice search is, how it accomplished, and how it could be the

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New Features of Angular 8

An exciting release of Angular 8.0 with lovely features, including the much-anticipated IVY compiler. The new features added a new level to its core framework, including the Angular Command Line Interface and the Angular material library. The latest release also

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Top 15 Python Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2019

Python is now a mainstream programming language thanks to emerging technologies using Python heavily. Python web development requires the support of a framework to be quick, precise, and cost-effective. Let’s learn which top 15 Python frameworks are trendy in 2019.

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Tips on How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps?

Machine learning (ML) is one of the trendiest Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods aimed at offering a creative approach towards personalized experience. You may have already experienced that machine learning is incorporated into many modern applications. For instance, Uber, Siri, Taco

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WWDC 2019: Apple Biggest Announcements

Recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019 event at San Jose, CA proved highly fruitful for the entire iOS development ecosystem. Apple has announced the major updates for the iOS development community encompassing iOS 13, iPhone, iPad, Watch OS, and Mac.

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React vs Angular in 2019: Compare & Choose the Best Before Building Your App

JavaScript is no more a script; rather, it has gained a significance like more than a programming language, which has frameworks-based on it. For a web app developer, your struggle to find the best JavaScript framework for a job in

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Android vs iOS: Which Is the Best Option for Mobile Startups?

Well, you are now opting for a mobile app for your startup after securing a mobile-friendly web entity. Due to an increased usage of mobiles and improved maturity for mobility, market trends favor having a mobile app even for a

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10 Best Ecommerce Platforms in 2019

Today, almost half of shopping takes place online and via mobile devices. Mobiles have made the Internet handy and with mobility advantages. It has boosted the growth of ecommerce in recent years. Thereby, each existing business or a business idea

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

By definition, a software framework is an abstraction. It provides generic functionality that additional user-written code can change selectively and result in application-specific software. It means a software framework enables developers to create and deploy an application standard ways, fast,

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