M-Connect Solutions is a leading Java development company offering development of Java/J2EE based web and mobile apps. Our reliable Java development services provide scalable and easy to implement solutions even for start-ups.

  • Custom Java Apps Development
  • Modern Web & Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce and Marketplace Development
  • CRM, ERP Integration with Java Applications
  • Java-based CMS & Portal development
  • Enterprise Level Solution Development
  • Full-Cycle Java App Development
  • Application Migration to Java
  • Hire Dedicated Java Developers
  • Java Support & Maintenance Service
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What We Do?

Sustainable Java Development Solutions for Enterprises with Vast Requirements  

For 12+ years, we are providing dynamic, secure, and reliable Java development service solutions with rapid and sustainable growth for various business types. Still, here’s what we serve.

Custom Java Development

The Java developers, designers, and QA have a pure intellect in developing Java-based and applications that not only satisfy all your custom needs but also fulfill your performance and quality demands.

Full Stack Java Development

The expert Java developers at MCS use modern approach for full-stack Java-based CMS and portal development by incorporating the latest technologies to provide a seamless experience.

Modern Java Web App Development

Our dedicated team of Java programmers renders reliable, secure, and scalable web apps using the modern framework and agile methodologies that allow us to deliver Java apps with faster time-to-market.

Cross-platform App Development

We have vast experience of building interactive mobile apps with cross-platform capabilities using Java programming that transforms your business into an industry-leading corporation.

Java Legacy Apps Modernization

The adroit Java developer at MCS can modernize your legacy applications using advanced infrastructures and framework that helps improve performance, productivity, and maximize the ROI for your business.

Java Application Integration

Our Java developers have the expertise to seamlessly integrate your applications with software and third-party tools that help automate many of your business operations and processes for an enhanced data management experience.

Java Support & Maintenance

With our technical expertise in providing app maintenance and support, we ensure that your Java apps have smooth workflows & processes.

Java Application Migration

Our apt developers can migrate your legacy app to Java for increased responsiveness, intuitive UI/UX, and high user engagement that satisfy all the evolving needs of your business.



Transforming the Digital Evolution  

M-Connect Solutions is one of the superior Java development companies with technical expertise to develop web and mobile applications using various Java-based frameworks. The following are some of the Java Frameworks we are well in-tuned with.

Note: We want to keep the UI and other aspects of designs private, users who are interested to review may schedule a meeting for screen sharing session on Skype or GoToMeeting. ETA for private review meetings is within a week from the submission.



Our tactical approach towards providing Java development service is backed by some of the powerful minds that create and craft world-class Java/J2EE based solutions incorporating all the business objectives and goals you want to accomplish.

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M-Connect Solutions has a dedicated team for offering robust and scalable Java development services to our global clientele. And here’s what they say.

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    Our Technical Expertise


    The following Java development technology powers us to render high quality solutions.

    ant gradle hadoop jenkins kafka maven sonarqube
    tomcat jboss jetty glassfish aws azure google cloud digital ocean docker kubernetes
    enterprise microservices soa
    apache-log4J apache-lucene apache-solr aws-corretto-java-sdk freemarker hibernate3plus logback spring-boot spring-cloud spring-framework3plus thymeleaf
    alfresco ametys bloomreach bynder centricminds crafter dotcms enonicxp hippo liferay logicaldoc magnolia ncms nora opencms openwga walrus
    aws-rds jdbc MariaDB mariadb-galera-cluster moa mongodb mssql mysql oracle postgresql spark-mllib
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to all your Questions  
    Java is a fast, secure, and reliable programming language used for developing a variety of applications for web, mobile, cloud, desktop, embedded systems, and cross-platform as well. We have crafted many applications ranging from eCommerce to social, financial, and IoT based applications.
    Java is here for almost 25+ years and is continuously advancing with every new version. It now incorporates many cutting-edge technologies that help developers to improve the overall development process. And it is used by many development companies out in the market because it is compatible to develop everything. So, Java is still a good option for software application development.
    The Java developers that we employ are proficient Java coders that have skills like object-oriented programming, multithreading, lambda, Hibernate, Spring, Core Java, and others, which helps them yield the best outcomes in their work.
    Yes, Java is used for developing mobile and cross-platform applications. Also, Java and Kotlin both are used for android application development. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for JVM and JavaScript.
    It is hard to predict the cost of an application development without knowing the full list of features and custom requirements of our clients. Therefore, we first analyze the scope of work and all features required for development, and then only we provide the cost estimation. Don’t worry we only start work when you agree to the estimated project budget.
    When you opt for our Java development service, you get the benefit of hiring a full Java team of M-Connect Solutions which consists of designers, programmers, QA, and project manager. However, you can also opt for a dedicated resource as per your needs of development, maintenance, and support you need for your existing project.

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    All the aspects of project, starting from ideas to implementation is coverd with the legal documents.


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