M-Connect Solutions is globally acclaimed Database Development Company offering database design, development, and management services. Our custom database development services will meet your business’ specific needs.

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  • Custom Database Development
  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Synchronization & Integration
  • Performance Optimization & DB Repair
  • Database Upgrading and Migration
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Database Security Solutions
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What We Do?

Streamline Your Business with Effective and Efficient Database Solutions  

Equipped with modern technology, M-Connect Solutions provide phenomenal database development services that assure your business growth with fast, secure, and organized database solutions. Still, here’s what we are master of.

Database Planning & Consulting

The expert database developers at MCS help you solve your doubts regarding design, development, and management and plan the whole thing out with effective resources for your business’ visibility & growth.

Custom Database Development

We have expertise in developing customized databases with advanced tech stack and linear development that well suit your business’ needs of safe & secure data storage.

Database Design Service

Our full-stack developers have a clear understanding of all major database systems and will design the proper database that incorporates the growing demands of your business and industry standards as well.

Database Synchronization

We carefully analyze your business structure and database system and then perform the synchronization and integration among different databases you use across the web.

Performance Optimization & DB Repair

Our ironclad developers possess dexterous skills to fine-tune, debug, and troubleshoot your database for faster data accessing speed and keep the database processes relevant to your business style and needs.

Architectural Design and Development

Our brilliant architectural database design services will increase the efficiency and overall functioning of your existing database infrastructure which will provide optimal performance leaving no room for error.

DB Backup, Recovery, & Security

Our efficient database management services include backup & recovery solutions that ensure no data is lost during the transition or installation.

Database Upgrading & Migration

We are well-versed with database migration and up-gradation processes and help you overcome the challenges with smooth data transition and ensure that all the data is intact.




M-Connect Solutions is a leading database development company offering sustainable solutions for a gamut of purposes using various web technologies. The following are the database software development services our coding wizards deliver.

Note: We want to keep the UI and other aspects of designs private, users who are interested to review may schedule a meeting for screen sharing session on Skype or GoToMeeting. ETA for private review meetings is within a week from the submission.



Our proactive team of developers excels in providing database design, development, and management solutions that yield flawless outcomes for all types of businesses having varied requirements.

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The professional team of M-Connect Solutions renders robust database solutions for its global clientele. We helped many of our clients to overcome performance issues which were deteriorating their business and enhanced the performance of their business with our database solutions.

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    Our Technical Expertise


    We use the following ironclad technical expertise for database development which plays a pivotal role.

    database databasesontheweb entityrelationship hierarchical network nosqldb objectoriented objectrelational otherdatabase relational
    aws-rds azurecosmosdb azurerediscache azuresqlatabase bigquery cloudbigtable cloudsql dynamodb kafka mariadb microsoftsql mongodb mysql postgresql sqlite
    angularjs backbonejs css dotnet html java meteor php reactjs
    cplusplus dotnet golang java laravel nodejs php python
    android apachecordova ios pwa xamarin
    1tier 2tier 3tier ntier
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to all your Questions  
    Databases are a large sum of collected and stored information about everything and anything happens in your business. It is like a traditional physical storage space where all the files containing all the information regarding your clients, customers, employees, events, tasks, and others are stored. The difference here is that the collection and storage of all these data take place on online systems.
    Due to its large storage space requirement, data is impossible to store on hard drives and thus, you need a database like system that efficiently store data and provide it rapidly when you need it.
    Database designing means creating detailed models of data for databases, which you can use for your business needs. The design aspects contain logical and physical design parameters and attributes used for creating high-performing databases.
    Yes, we are exquisitely able to develop your database from scratch. Also, we can create a requirement specific database at the initial stage in case of the traditional linear approach or we continuously adapt to changing requirements in case of agile development to craft a stunning database for your business needs.
    Database development means the creation of a database to collect and store the data of your business in an organized and structured manner using a computer system. This also involves choosing the database that perfectly incorporates the specific needs of your business.
    The database is large some of the data collected and stored at one point, which makes it hard to manage and understand. Thus, you need a database management service that automates all data processes by eliminating manual work. Your database needs continuous monitoring and patching to make all your stored data stay secure and in a protected environment.
    Our expert database developers are well-furnished with dexterous capabilities to provide custom database development, database migration, architectural design and development, performance tuning, synchronization, integration, data backup, recovery, and protection along with other database design, development, and management services.
    Our expedite database developers have the capacity to tailor the database solutions according to your specific and precise requirements that future proof too. Contact us right away with your specific requirements.

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    All the aspects of project, starting from ideas to implementation is coverd with the legal documents.


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