Top 10 Web/App Development Frameworks for Developers in 2021

Standing in 2021, we all know the importance of the internet, websites, and applications in our life. Especially when we want to expand our businesses and increase our reach, websites play a pivotal role in such cases. Websites are a must-have not just for online businesses but even for physical stores. Owning a website brings credibility to the company and helps create a positive image of the brand. To put it simply – apps and websites are wonderful tools for businesses, especially for start-ups. One should not ignore the importance of these mediums for the success of his business.

The bummer is that millions of applications and websites are on the internet, and we can safely say that not all of them are successful. Why is that? Both app and web development involve tedious processes, and a lot goes into it. It is never an easy task for a website or app developer to create a good app or website. There are many steps in developing a successful application, like conceptualizing an idea, implementing the idea to form a fully-functional app. During the development, you must choose the framework that satisfies all your requirements concerning scalability and robustness. You also have to make sure that the application remains in sync with your business’s future goals.

But what do we mean by a framework, and why do we need to choose the “right” framework? Let us start by getting to know the role of the framework in web development. Alongside, we will also list the top 10 frameworks for you to use in 2021.

What is a Framework?

A framework is a set of predefined tools and a collection of written programs for a particular programming language and using which anyone can create their websites or applications. If we take an instance, PHP is a programming language, and the web development framework is CakePHP, which is used to create scalable and interactive websites for all kinds of businesses.

A successful application development company owns separate teams who can work on distinct frameworks. If you are contemplating about getting your website or app developed, look out for your choice’s web development services and select a company with expertise in creating unique solutions in this particular framework.

If you want to make the ideal hiring decision, it is important to know about the important frameworks widely accepted among the application and web developers community. Here, we present an extensive list of the top 10 frameworks in the application and web development realm.

  1. React:

The recent years have come to see that many JavaScript-based client-side web development frameworks are ruling the world of web development. React is one such web framework. While it is not the first one to be born as a framework, it is certainly the most popular and disruptive one. Facebook has developed React as a simple JavaScript library (front-end development library) nb, which helps implement the web’s view layer in a component-based way. React is a declarative and functional framework that allows us to create interactive single-page web applications. React uses Virtual DOM to deliver fast rendering of the page. One more key feature of React is its usability of the JSX syntax rather than Javascript. This framework’s learning curve is relatively way lower rather than angular because it is simply JavaScript in the global writing standard.

  1. Vue.js:

Developed by an ex-Google engineer, Evan You, Vue.js is an MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) client-side web framework, also based on Javascript. It was created in 2014. While it started as an individual project, Vue.js grew to become one of the most popular JS frameworks in a short period. Vue has many cool features like, it is a progressive framework, which implies that you can adopt Vue js for a portion of your existing project without worrying about getting it messed up. Vue js even brings component architecture along to play. The Vue ecosystem is even capable of helping you to build complete front-end applications. While some people do not prefer using Vue because big companies like Facebook or Google do not support them, it is rapidly growing as a big name, and more people are starting to invest in Vue.

  1. Angular:

An open-source front-end development framework, Angular, is maintained by Google. It has ten versions, and the most recent one was launched on 2nd Sept 2020. While the first two versions are based on JavaScript, the later ones are based on TypeScript. The framework Angular supports a global JavaScript standard called Ecmascript, which helps to complete backward compatibility. This framework follows the MVC or Model View Controller pattern, where model, view, and controller are separated and eliminates the dependency and, along with that, fosters faster development of web applications.

Even though Angular is way bulkier than React js, it is a high-performance framework that is also SEO friendly and is popular for developing enterprise applications. Many big websites, such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Forbes, and millions of others, use this framework for their applications. It is beneficial for progressive web application capabilities or its efficiency and is also helpful for its productivity and accessibility.

  1. Jest:

For testing purposes, the best-considered framework is Jest. Facebook developed it, and the pivotal point while creating was simplicity. It is the brainchild of Mr. Christoph Nakazawa. Jest is widely used for automatic testing. The tool even has excellent cross-browser support while helps in-browser testing. About 61.2% of developers have made Jest their first priority for automated testing. Between 2016 and 2020, the usage of Jest has increased to about 15 folds. Developers working for development projects using Node, React, Angular, or Vue can use Jest to simplify their tasks.

  1. Laravel:

This framework follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) and uses PHP, one of the most popular web languages. It is comparatively younger than other frameworks of the list. Laravel has API support out of the box and possesses a modest number of packages that can extend its reach. A screencasts tutorials website called Laracasts has over a thousand videos on PHP, Laravel, and front-end technologies in the Laravel ecosystem, which could be considered a heaven for beginners. However, in terms of performance, we cannot compare Laravel to Django or Express, which might be a major disadvantage for big projects.

  1. CakePHP:

One of the first frameworks of PHP is CakePHP, which was introduced in 2005 with the efforts of Michael Tatarynowicz. It is the best choice for building both large and small systems. CakePHP allows users to rapidly create and even provides the maximum and the best security. Just like Laravel, CakePHP follows MVC architecture. In such a framework, any complicated configuration is not required. The framework uses eminent software design patterns and software engineering concepts.  The framework is multi-lingual and has cross-platform support capability.

  1. NodeJS:

NodeJS is a framework that is written in C, C++ with some help from JavaScript. It is an open-source, cross-platform framework that can execute javascript codes even outside of a web browser. It comprises both runtime environments and javascript libraries. Developers characterize NodeJS by fast execution and coding and are also single-threaded but highly scalable. With this tool, you can collect form data, make dynamic content for your webpage, create, open, read, or delete files on your site’s server, or modify or add the data for your database. As a cross-platform framework, it is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Unix.

  1. Ruby on Rails (ROR):

The web application scenery was way too different in the early 2000s from that of today. Back then, the facto framework for web development was Java-based J2EE. It was not the only heavyweight but required lots of plumbing. Writing even a simple “hello world” required a significant amount of effort. Ruby on Rails in a server-side web development framework that was created by David Heinemeier Hansson. It supports MVC pattern and Ruby programming language.ROR has introduced many new ideas and concepts like Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), Convention over Configuration (CoC), Active Record pattern. One more thing that ROR has introduced is Rapid Application Development via Database creation and migration & Scaffolding of Views.

  1. Backbone.js:

Recognized as a lightweight JavaScript Library framework,  which follows the MVC pattern. It is a free and open-source library. It is used to develop single-page applications. The tool is useful to give structure to the client-side web-based applications. The framework was released initially in 2010. It was brought forth with the efforts of Jeremy Ashkenas. With the assistance of the JavaScript framework, the Backbone.js framework enables rapid development of front-end and applications. While working with this framework, you will find that it offers different building blocks for bringing together clients’ web applications like views, events, and models. Developers use this framework as it allows a good design with reduced coding. The code is easier to upkeep with Backbone.js. It enables the creation of mobile applications and web applications in a refined structured format. Airbnb, Drupal, Trello, and WordPress have used this framework in their web applications.

  1. jQuery:

jQuery is a JavaScript framework that was introduced in 2006. It is designed to simplify HTML as well as CSS and is an open-source library. jQuery lets you develop creative apps and change dull layouts. It is a lightweight Javascript library that simplifies complications related to working with a javascript code. The library has many features, including CSS manipulation, Utilities, effects and animations, and HTML manipulation. Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are among the many companies that are the patrons of the jQuery framework. More than 70 percent of the most famous websites on the internet use jQuery. If you want to make impressive and dynamic webpages, jQuery is the tool you need.

Ease your application development process with us!

Since frameworks are the tools of choice required for front-end and back-end application development, there are many in existence. Thus, the majority of such tools are extremely efficient and intuitive. The choice then comes down to one’s personal preferences and the scope of work.

Despite all that, the smart choice is to remain versatile and skilled enough to use multiple frameworks as required, thus creating continuous learning and essential to professional growth. You can go for any one of the frameworks listed above that you will be using as your tool, which will be relevant, extremely useful, and powerful as per your needs.

However, there is no one best framework or library. Your choice of framework or library completely depends on the requirement of your project. While each one has its own sets of pros and cons, you are to go for the one best suited for your needs. We hope that this list of best web development frameworks clears your confusion and helps you make the apt decision for your upcoming development project!

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The developers at M-Connect Solutions are well acquainted with a diverse technostack that contains many leading development frameworks. Get the best-in-class web and app development services now with our company. Consult our team now!

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