What is .Net framework?

.Net framework is primarily designed to create applications which can be run on Windows. A decade back that is around the year 2000, the team of Microsoft came up with the Dot Net framework. Since then this framework has been utilized across the world to create custom specific applications. Easy to use and learn .Net has some of the most extensive features for software development.

It is architecturally thorough and has excellent class libraries and the much needed functionality of security, memory management and language interoperability. Apps can be easily implemented in .Net with its very powerful IDE called Visual Studio. With this IDE, applications can be designed effortlessly by drag and drop mechanism and coding is also easy.

Some of the striking features are:

Memory Management: Allocating and de-allocating memory is always a prudent and resource based task for which the programmer needs to have far sightedness. But with .Net, this whole thing is handled automatically leaving the programmer free and focused on the rest of the application building.

Security: The in-built architecture of .Net makes it stubborn against any form of unwanted software interruptions. With two mechanisms viz. Code Access Security (CA) and validation, the apps created in .Net remain safe and healthy.

Language Interoperability: Most fascinating feature of .Net is called CLI (Common Language Infrastructure). It is a platform that allows coding languages like VB.Net, JScript .Net, C#, C++, A#, Cobra, Python etc to develop an app on .Net framework. The CLI manages the conversion of any language into assembly code giving breather to the programmer.

Framework Class Library & Other Technologies: The super-set of class libraries in .Net is termed as FCL (Framework Class Library). These libraries have sets of classes which justify development in technologies like ADO.NET, Windows forms, ASP.NET etc. To develop dynamic and distinct UI, AJAX and web parts can be clubbed with .Net framework. It also has amazing services like crystal reports which is widely availed for enterprise apps.

To sum up, Microsoft .Net framework is one of the most widely used software abstraction for application design and development. And its popularity lies in the above mentioned details!

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