Enterprise Portal Architecture: An Overview

Enterprise architecture refers to the description of the various structures involved in a business enterprise, the properties of the components involved in the business as well as the relationships that exist between them. Therefore, an enterprise portal architecture is essentially nothing but a website which gives the users access to an expansive collection of various services as well as resources that are pertinent to the concerned domain, sub-domain as well as multiple domains. The architecture chiefly revolves around designing in such a way that it facilitates collaboration between different entities that are authorized in using the portal.

If the enterprise portal architecture is spotted to be ineffective, there is a visible impact on the efficaciousness of the website. Therefore, there are certain key features that need to be seriously taken into consideration and to be incorporated into the enterprise portal architecture so as to ensure its success.

Front End and Back End Systems Integration: An efficient and effective enterprise portal architecture is one that enables successful integration of the front end and the back end systems. When the purpose of the portal is taken into consideration, it becomes easy to ensure the efficiency of the same.

Integration within the enterprise
: The architecture should facilitate the enterprise portal to be integrated well into the enterprise itself. In the majority of the cases, it is the enterprise portal which is the main gateway that the managers, as well as staff, are dependent to get to the enterprise. So, identifying their needs is definitely of paramount importance in order to gain success with the enterprise portal architecture.

Business Information Directory: Enterprise portal consists of all the information that is needed to understand the business…the user information, systems, work-flows…all of which are an integral part of the portal and they furnish details on security, user profiles along with a whole host of other information.

A Smooth Decision Processing System: It is the data warehouse that comes into picture here which caters to the three important layers of staging, integration as well as access. The first layer comprises of the raw data which is used by the developers for analysis purpose and support purpose. The second layer integrates all the data that is available and the third layer makes the data accessible to other users. All these layers and their integration into the system play a vital role in the enterprise portal architecture.

Getting a perfect design for an enterprise portal architecture is no easy job at all as even the most intricate and minutest of details need to be considered before building it. MCS Ventures is a leading strategic solutions provider company whose forte happens to be Enterprise Portal Architecture too.

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