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M-Connect Solutions follows the standard data quality management rules for Data Warehouse Implementation & Integration. Get right BI and Data warehousing service for your business here.

Data Warehouse Implementation

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing go hand-in-hand, as one is incomplete without the other. BI is dependent on Data Warehousing. M-Connect Solutions helps you leverage multiple resources using standardized ETL processes.

Data Warehousing
Long Range View of Data to Analyse from Multiple Resources using ETL Processes

Data Warehousing serves as a base to Business Intelligence and Data Mining. An organization produces tons of heterogeneous data in an unsystematic manner. It does not derive any meaningful insights. The qualified professionals at M-Connect Solutions design a data warehouse to perform the analytic work enabling them to analyse data from multiple sources. And every solid data warehouse requires a methodically designed, easy-to-maintain Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) processes.

  • Data Warehouse Implementation & Integration
  • Data Mart Development
  • Data Warehouse Analysis & Planning
  • Data Warehouse Support & Maintenance
  • Performance optimization

Correlation of Business Data to Obtain Executive Insight

  • Data Warehouse Implementation & Integration
    We build a data integration system to collect the source data and pre-process the heterogeneous data and then convert/extract data to the data warehouse. Through experiment and analysis, this designed information process flow and implemented the data integration system, based on B/S framework with the database technology, to deal with the business strategy related information.
  • Data Mart Development
    To support big enterprises, we have also included the concept of Data Mart in data warehousing services. As a data warehouse focuses on the entire system, data mart focuses on specific business department or a specific subject. This in turn reduces the response time by allowing the end-users to access specific type of data.
  • Data Warehouse Analysis & Planning
    Analysis & Planning provides institutional research, analysis and data management services to support decision making, planning and accountability reporting. Simply creating data warehouse and data marts are not enough, as it can be quite large – over time, it is imperative that the analysis, planning and overall design (architecture) is done right – and up front.
  • Data Warehouse Support & Maintenance
    We totally understand that simply creating and analysing data warehouses isn’t enough. They have to be maintained in order to retain system’s performance. It includes removal of unwanted data, monitor, debug and manage the integration of data warehouse, built-in logging and error handling, defragment and rebuilding of indexes as needed.
  • Performance optimization
    We take all the required steps for performance optimization in a data warehouse. It ranges from: normalized neutral data model, implementation of views to ease navigation, adding indexes, enforcing prioritization, proceeding to rational summaries and denormalization, exploration, expansion and export.

Why Choose Us?

Commitment to Data Quality Management Norms
We stick to standard data quality management rules to deliver perfect result.

    We respect your business. We will never contact your business competitors/clients.
    We understand the confidentiality of your data and will never disclose to unwanted stake holders.
    We do not believe is simply doing the work, we believe in accomplishing the task with best quality standards.

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