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M-Connect Solutions offering comprehensive Enterprise IOT solutions. Integrate your business with the Internet of Things for real and enhanced experience.

Internet of Things Application

Connect the physical and computing devices via the Internet to make them able to transfer data among the network. M-Connect Solutions provides IoT services to transform the way your business works. Unlock the potential of your business…

Take your Business to Next Level using IoT
Make a Smarter Move using Extravagant IoT Solutions

The mobile phone users is expected to cross the 5 billion mark in coming future. Concept of smart industries, smart home have been evolving constantly round the clock. The technology behind these smart concepts is none other than “IoT”. It ushers 10% reduction in resource utilization, 15% increased profitability, 45% increased performance and 60% environment friendly.

Connecting physical devices over the internet medium is the simplest definition of this term. The basic entities concerning IoT are Sensors, Communication Technologies, IoT Gateways, Cloud Server, Big Data and IoT Mobile App.

  • Application Development
  • Custom IoT Solutions
  • IoT Integration
  • Support for IoT Applications
  • IoT Systems

Application Development

As a notable IoT service provider, M-Connect Solutions offers hi-end IoT Application Development services based on implicate needs of customers from different global enterprises. The IoT app serves as a link between different physical devices connected with each other. It helps the user to converse with the smart device by sending commands that make possible to perform the given task to the device.

Custom IoT Solutions

We offer replete customizable IoT solutions best fit for your business requirement. You can choose from:

  • Sensors such as location tracking, door locking, etc.
  • IoT Gateways created by custom-built devices.
  • Modes of Communication such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, iBeacon, etc.
  • Cloud Sever like AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

IoT Integration
All industries can implement IoT technology in their daily activities to enhance work productivity along with business performance. But, the most important part is proper implementation. So, here M-Connect Solutions comes into picture, to seamlessly integrate IoT with your business. Systematic integration of IoT with your business saves millions of hours and pennies over a long period of time.

Support for IoT Applications and Systems
M-Connect Solutions offers out of the box support for its IoT service offerings. Application Management, Cloud Hosting, Remote Infrastructure Management, Incident Management are to name a few. Enhancements or revisiting the requirement analysis are also a part of the support service. The IoT experts at M-Connect Solutions will take care of the every shortcoming.

Why Choose Us?

    At M-Connect Solutions, we are committed to serve you with the highest quality standards and creativity.
    The IoT experts at M-Connect Solutions will train the end users while deployment of the system/solution.
    We respect your business. We will never contact your business competitors/clients.
    This is our guarantee that you will be happy with our work quality and the way of business.

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