Calm – Meditation and Sleep Stories

Calm is the number one app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. The app focuses on offering a guided meditation for better sleep, to release stress and lower anxiety. Calm is a recommended app by top therapists, psychologists, and mental health experts.

The Calm app is created to help beginners as well as intermediate and advanced meditators to practice mindfulness with guided meditation sessions.

Calm is a perfect app for people who want to experience meditation with the app’s in-built guided meditation sessions, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. It is a perfect app to practice mindfulness.



As wearable devices have taken up quite a market share, the team of Calm wanted to create an app for wearable devices. The team also wanted to give their users a more convenient way to access the app and its material via their wearable devices. The team reached out to us with their wearable app development requirement.



Our team had a detailed consultation session with the Calm app team. First, we thoroughly analyzed the requirements and expectations of the Calm team. Once everything was understood, we moved on with the wearable app design and development. We ensured that the wearable app has as smooth and intuitive UI elements as the original app had. Also, our team made sure that the app works flawlessly on Apple wearable devices.



The app already has a wide user base and most of them had wearable devices too. Thus, switching to wearable was easy for most of them. Also, seeing the convenience, many new users had downloaded the Calm wearable app. Seeing the immaculate positive response from users, the team of Calm app was pleased with our team.



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