Maritime Dictionary

Maritime Dictionary is an app that provides information about terms related to the sea. The dictionary is a great resource to know the maritime terms and definitions that are related to seaborne trade or naval matters.

The Maritime Dictionary is created for seafarers and is very helpful to find a complete list of words & their definitions related to sea just like a normal dictionary.

The dictionary includes clear and concise definitions for seaborne terms, which have been chosen carefully to make it have an up-to-date vocabulary. The app is intended to make your everyday sea travel comfortable.



During sailing or sea travel, people come across many terms that they don’t really know the meaning of. Not knowing what these terms mean can lead to potentially huge mistakes or blunders or even worse. In search of a better way, the client reached out to our team of consultants with their problem and needed a solution for it.



After a fruitful consultation, we presented the client with an idea to bring all the terms in the form of a dictionary by developing an app for it. The client agreed to the same and gave their go for the development. Once everything was finalized, the app design and development commenced. We made sure that the app looks modern as well as simple and user-friendly too. The app includes favorite and bookmark features, change font & size, big text for improved readability, etc.



Once deployed on the server, the Maritime Dictionary was a quick hit for the client. It got popular among marine professionals and travelers and started using the app for their everyday travel needs. Also, the app is quite useful for beginners in marine travel. The client was satisfied with the result and thanked us for our work.



Maritime Dictionary

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