Tyres and Car Parts

Tyres and Car Parts is an online shop for searching and buying types & car parts. The app comes with essential features an eCommerce app should have. Users can find, purchase, and pay within the app to order whatever car parts they want.

The Tyres and Car Parts app is exclusively built for garages, tyre dealers wholesalers, and retailers to search & order tyre and other car parts.

The app has a total of more than 100 brands of tyres, more than 25000 types of tyres, over 200,000+ tyres, and over 300,000+ different car parts. Searching and ordering through the app is quick and safe.



The client had already been in the business of selling tyres and car parts across Europe for a couple of decades now. They wanted to scale up their business and also wanted to leverage the power of mobile technology for their business. So, the client reached out to us with all their requirement for app development.



Designing and developing an eCommerce app was our forte and our team used all their knowledge and the latest tech-stack to render a high-performing app. First, we decided on what’s required by the client and broke down the project into small achievable milestones. Then we started from one side integrating shipping methods, payment methods, custom features, and other functions essential for running an eCommerce app.



Once the app was developed, we prepared for the app deployment. After making it live, the app got a very good amount of downloads. Many garage owners, tyre dealers, retailers, and wholesalers started to use the app quite often for ordering various tyres and car parts. The client thanked us for our effort to develop the app.



Tyres and Car Parts

App Store:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketshop1




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