Mobile Commerce Growth: Revolutionized the entire concept of shopping

One would definitely be astounded of the rate at which technology has taken a leap and revolutionized the entire concept of shopping. When certain sects of people are still grappling to get a hold of the ecommerce advantages, mCommerce has made a foray to give the shopping experience a totally fresh connotation. eCommerce has definitely increased the profit rates of the online business enterprises and as if this was insufficient mCommerce has swept the people off their feet with the convenience it brings on to the user’s smartphones.

People have become absolutely comfortable in buying the most expensive of stuff from the comfort of their homes through the ecommerce websites and through secure payment options and getaways. M-Commerce refers to the ability of the shopper to conduct business or buying activity with the help of his mobile device or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) or a smartphone. Interaction is established between the mobile user and the computer mediated networks so as to accomplish the business transaction.

There are in fact a lot many tasks that could be accomplished with the help of mCommerce and the location is of prime importance too. Location based services can best be utilized when there are some attractive local discount offers, and also facilitates monitoring and tracking of people. This growth has reached to such an extent that mobile phone user can get news, sports scores, stock quotes, financial records and customized traffic information too on to his mobile.

And most importantly the growth of mCommerce can be felt in the mobile banking area where the customers can access their account information and also make transactions like remitting money, purchasing stocks through their mobile phones. Now, isn’t this the boon that M-Commerce growth has brought in? Right from the comfort of browsing through the mobile device and accomplishing your shopping chores online without the need to sit in front of your personal computer and getting the order delivered at your place, and if necessary tracking its whereabouts…all of them could be accomplished through your mobile.

The main target audience of mobile commerce was the youth and it is their life style that has totally revolutionized the commercial activity and the existing state of commerce in the world. Mobile technology has undoubtedly become very much synonymous with the life style that the current generation. M-commerce is made successful with the help of high end mobile devices as well as applications that accompany them.

As far as making payment methods through mobiles are concerned, consumers can select any one form of payment which include the charges being added to the customer’s bill, he could be charged to his credit card (there are a few service providers who allow links between the phone’s SIM card and the credit cards) or the stored-value cards which are generally available at the music stores or mobile device application stores or even perhaps the micro-payment services.

The strongest players who are reaping the growth that M-commerce has brought in are stores like Amazon and eBay as their websites have specific features that make them mobile amenable and will not face the risk of losing out this particular segment of the customers. Shopping is made easy when these websites are easily downloaded on the mobiles and you can find everything that you do at a normal e-commerce site.

The exponential growth that m-commerce is growing through is only an emphasis or a reiteration of the fact that this revolution is here to stay and that too stay for a long time to come making it extremely easy for people to multi-task.

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