How Businesses Can Boost Customer Loyalty with Mobile App?

The benefits of retaining customers are immense and mobile app is just what you need to keep customers loyal to your brand. Mobile apps provide businesses with a much needed digital presence and enable them to reach potential customers on the go.

Additionally, mobile apps can aid to increase your brand awareness. Not only that, but you can also keep your customers stay loyal to your brand. Let’s see why customer loyalty & retention is so important today than ever:

  • 82% of the businesses agree that customer retention is cheaper than acquiring new ones.
  • More specifically, new customer acquisition costs 5X more than retaining a customer.
  • As per Post Funnel, 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your customers. So, retaining those 20% customers should be your goal.
  • Another statistic says that 65% of the company’s overall business comes from existing customers.

These are ample reasons why businesses should adopt customer retention strategies. And the mobile app is one such way businesses can boost the loyalty of their customers. Let’s delve deep into how mobile apps can do so.

How Businesses Can Boost Customer Loyalty Using Mobile Apps

1. Perks of Having Push Notification

Push Notifications present a great way for businesses to reach & communicate with their customers. It provides a more laid-back, personal, and less official tool for communication. Push notifications are a great way to make your customers re-engage with your mobile app by providing real-time notification.

With push notifications, you can update your customers about a certain aspect of your business. Notifications pertaining to the shipping and delivery information about the customers’ purchases will help customers feel in control of their shopping.

A simple notification for product discounts, sale announcements, or the latest items can grab the attention of customers & prove to be effective. Moreover, notification for items back in the store, which previously customers were unable to purchase can help you make a sale that item faster. Push notifications get faster & immediate responses from customers than other mediums of communication.

One statistic says that conversions from push notifications have seen 500% YOY growth for last year. Many brands have started to utilize the potential this type of communication tool has. Also, few brands use it to personalize the daily deals for the users of their apps. All this helps improve customer engagement & sales from mobile apps and keep your customers loyal to your brand.

2. Offer Simplicity of Use

Another factor that boosts customer loyalty is the simplicity of use mobile apps offer. A mobile app is faster than the web store and offers more convenience. Mobile apps can elevate the user experience for customers with smart checkout to perform one click or just a couple of clicks to purchase.

By storing all the personal information, mobile apps don’t require users to enter those data again and again. And even web stores that store data require you to log in making the shopping a bit tedious process. But mobile apps help streamline the shopping experience of customers.

Furthermore, branded apps are faster and simple to use making users sort through things like different categories & products just in seconds helping them reach a quick decision. While the same thing on the web takes a lot of time and users may even have to wait till everything loads and be able to browse.

One thing to be sure of here is your app must be safe to browse & make sure it is well communicated with your customers too. Because plenty of shoppers out there do not prefer to use an app & don’t want to hand over their personal information. No matter who they are, you must focus on customers you already have. And with mobile app’s simplicity of use, you can help them stay loyal to your brand.

3. Convenience Above Everything

Since all of us have the habit of keeping mobile phones always with us, we are more likely to open an app than remembering to open a website to check what the brand has to offer. People feel less motivated to open a website by going online than opening an app once they see it. This is especially true when people are commuting, waiting in line, before falling asleep, or during times of boredom.

The fact that your customers may carry their phones along with them everywhere, can help you guide them in your indoor physical stores. Your app can help shoppers get through your brick-and-mortar store & show them where the specific items are placed making the whole shopping process simpler, faster, and straightforward.

4. Boosts User Engagement

User re-engagement is made easier with the help of push notifications. Another similar tactic to deploy is to sync up the social media ads with your app to boost user engagement even further. Once the user sees the ad on their social media, they can return to your app to grab the offer you have been advertising.

With just one click, they get re-engaged with your app without going away and doing it by themselves. This not only boosts the user engagement rate but also boost the user experience and aid in making them loyal to your brand.

5. Benefit from The Referral

Mobile apps allow users to review items they purchased in a more simplified and easy-to-use process. This generates social proof for your brand and can significantly benefit to acquire new customers as well as target existing ones too. Moreover, the sharing of product links with others via SMS, social media, or communication app is also simplified through your app.

You can even go to extra length to ensure that your loyalty program aligns with your app so that you churn extra benefit out of it. Through the app, you can extend the loyalty program benefits for members and make it even more beneficial for them to use.


Mobile apps are going to play a huge role when it comes to targeting your loyal customer base. And in the future, they are going to hold precedence over web store for sure. So, you shouldn’t overlook the investment in building an app for your business just because it’s complex and demands resources. Consider it as the most prudent and valuable investment that will give everything back what you have poured in.

Want to build a mobile app for your business? M-Connect Solutions can help you build an app that works to enhance the user engagement rate for your business and generate more revenue out of your existing customers. Contact us to discuss things further and kickstart the development project now with us.

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