Get More Than You Give – Where is it possible?

Q95VQVWJ5JP4 Nowhere in the annals will you find this that you will get more than what you give but here is one situation where it is a very true fact…a fact that has been established emphatically by authority researchers in the field. Yes, we are talking about a specific social networking site.

If at all there is a social networking site that has become a huge hit in the recent times, then it is unanimously Marc Zuckerberg’s brainchild…Facebook. It is indeed very astonishing to learn that there are around 845 million users who are into Facebook-ing and are quite content with what they are getting satisfaction out of it. Social interactions that have ceased owing to numerous factors like relocation to a new place, change in jobs etc., have all been transcended on this platform as it gives a vast scope to reunite with people whom you have associated with in the past.

This platform gives the users a chance to keep in touch with people, interact with them and also include or exclude those of them whom they are not willing to share information with. One of the major findings researchers shared was the fact that there were many women users than men. This could be attributed to the fact that women are generally in charge of maintaining social relationships even offline and the same has been reiterated on the online platform too.

Another appalling fact they stated was that these Facebook-aholics did not show any signs of fatigue or decline in the interest to like others’ statuses or comment on their pictures or tag their friends in different photos. More number of friends is just indicative of the fact that the person is truly popular and will also get many people interacting with him on this platform, s/he is the one who sends out many friend requests and also accepts them. When such kinds of people are actively involved in a business, this is definitely going to garner a lot more avenues and also greater revenue generation too. Therefore, all you are doing is giving your time to your friends, relatives, classmates and all those with whom you have been in touch in the past and still are with a majority of them now.

Pew Research Center was at the helm of this work and has come up with astonishing facts about the behavior of people on Facebook, the way it is controlling their lives and also how people are leveraging the benefits this platform brings along for their businesses. The research center carried out a telephonic survey and coupled it with the profile information they could gather too. And as expected the results suggested a truly interesting trend and helped us identify a sect of people who are termed as ‘power users‘. These power users are those who are extremely prolific with their behaviour on the site and contribute greatly when compared to the average user.

It was also observed that the Power Users would send more friend requests, send more private messages and also tag friends’ frequently in photos and also hit the like button. Again women were found to contribute greatly towards posting new content.

Why is there so much of a gender difference as far as the behavior is concerned?
Again it boils down to the fact that a few are more sociable and hence are always in the befriending mode. There are as many power users because they have ample time at their disposal and some may be feeling really lonely and hence spend a lot of time on the social networking site taking a peek into the lives of those people with whom they are connected as well as not connected. Or it could also be attributed to their inherent proclivity to be highly active. It is to satiate the curiosity to learn what is happening in others lives and probably the ego appeasing factor too that there are so many people liking their comments that makes them more proactive day after day.

Lives have been made and lives have been marred too right from the time Facebook has made a foray into our lives. There are those discerning people who are aware of ways and means in which they could use this platform to their advantage and yes, they are the segment that has got a lot more than what they have actually put in. And this is also proved by the studies and research as well.

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