Why laravel is the best PHP Framework?

PHP is one of the oldest and wildly used web development languages. PHP development services offer many frameworks, such as Laravel, Codelgniter, Phalcon, Zend, Symphony, CakePHP, and more. These frameworks make developers’ jobs a lot easier. Choosing the right framework is one of the most challenging aspects of the early stages of app development.

With advanced features and development tools that reduce the risk of errors, Laravel stands out in the market.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Laravel framework and why it is the best PHP framework.

What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework designed to make app development faster and easier through in-built features. Laravel is a backend framework, which helps in creating applications with features, such as user accounts, export, management, etc.

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The high-level concepts of its web development patterns and clear conventions for problem-solving, and convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks make this framework easy-to-use and maintain. By using Laravel, PHP development services can build applications with better efficiency and value. That is why the demand for Laravel developers is increasing with time.

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

Laravel is one of the few frameworks that have the flexibility to make it the perfect platform for website and app development. Let’s learn what makes Laravel the best PHP framework.

1. Authorization technique:

The authorization ensures that data in various databases are secure and their integrity is protected. Laravel provides a unique configuration that ensures that no non-authorized action can take place.

Laravel creates components such as a login controller, a user model, and a register when you set up the authentication. Laravels’ authentication feature only permits the ones with the approved access.

Laravel socialite features allow the authentication of users via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and google plus. The ease and convenience of authorization make it a prominent feature of Laravel.

2. Object-oriented libraries:

A library is a collection of all the resources required during coding and app development. Using libraries help the developers and make the coding easy and fast for them. Pre-installed libraries can provide an individual solution for multiple issues.

While other PHP frameworks do not offer pre-installed libraries, Laravel comes with a pre-installed object-oriented library, which is one of the best features. The Authentication Library has many features, such as monitoring users, password resetting, and encryption mechanisms.

3. Artisan:

Laravel has its own artisan command line that enables automate tasks, which is one of the most beneficial features in the PHP Laravel development framework. With Laravel, you can perform most of the tedious tasks that many developers avoid performing by themselves. It allows developers to customize their artisan commands.

This feature also helps in database management, data migration and can be used to generate MVC files. Common uses of artisan contain creating a database structure, a skeletal code, managing database migration, creating boilerplate code for new controllers and models.

Also, it immediately creates the MCV files through the command line and manages their individual configuration. Artisan gives developers the flexibility to create their own commands and use them conveniently.

4. MVC support:

Laravel comes with the MVC, also known as model-view-controller architectural design. MVC is one of the tactics used for developing a user interface and clarifies the logic and presentation of your site.

MVC architect provides an easy way of developing applications for businesses and organizations, creates better documentation, offers various built-in functions, and boosts performances.

MVC support simplifies the incomplete codes in large projects. It provides the flexibility to organize your work in different files that are easy to recover in the logical dictionary.

5. Security:

App security is one of the biggest threats that every app developer faces. While developing the app, every developer has to use effective ways to make it safe. Laravel framework ensures that your app security will be integrated into your design. Laravel doesn’t save the passwords and uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm”, decreasing the chances of being compromised.

Also, laravel makes your application secured with its SQL statements, which prevents unethical attacks on your database, laravel provides many security features such as data encryption, password resetting, user authentication, manual login, and driver authentication.

6. Database Migration:

Database migration defines moving your data in a different database from where it’s originally stored. Laravel offers to expand the website database structure without recreating it every time someone makes a change.

With this easy and effective system, the risk of data loss is less. Laravel uses PHP instead of SQL to change the database structure.

7. Blade template engine:

The blade is an intuitive engine that allows you to work with both HTML and PHP. It comes pre-installed in the laravel framework and provides the users with the ability to quickly develop exceptional designs for their tasks. It doesn’t require an excessive platform as it is lightweight.

Blade engine handles the data by connecting the data model, source code processing, and output management. It allows displaying data layout enhancements and offers the user a structure that permits them to create files with integrated conditional statements.

The integration aspect will allow you to create innovative layouts and also logically divide your templates into several sections, then enables other files to receive them.

8. Eloquent ORM:

ORM, also knows as Object Relational Mapping, is used to convert data available in incompatible systems into compatible ones. ORM found in Laravel is eloquent, which includes a simple PHP active record implementation that helps you get the data quicker.

Eloquent ORM enables the user to access assistant functions and creates joints between the tables using relevant fields.  The benefits of using eloquent are that it removes compatibility problems between databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite. It also enables the users to easily shift between databases by offering various scalability options by changing the Laravel configuration details.

9. Event and broadcasting:

Event and broadcasting are some of the many features that Laravel provides. Broadcasting is very useful in present web applications to implement real-life data that allows you to maintain an active link between the servers and the clients.

10. Testing:

Laravel offers a specific set of features to perform unit tests on your application. It uses PHPUnit and sets up the file phpunit.xml for executing unit testing in web development.

Laravel runs tests on feature and unit directories, feature tests are longer codebases while unit tests are for minor coding sections. Unit tests are the better way to check your applications because it makes it easy for developers to execute testing. It can run multiple unit tests at the same time to ensure all the changes are tested thoroughly.

MVC architecture and unit testing features make Laravel cost-effective. Thus, allowing web developers to develop their scalable applications within their budget.


Laravel has launched more features such as Truehosts Middleware, foundation function, rebinding method, and many more, making it the best PHP framework.

The popularity of this framework has been increasing due to its unique, classic architecture, where developers can design structures specifically for their applications. Hopefully, this article will help you to get an insight into the Laravel framework and its functionality.

If you are looking for PHP development services for your new project, M-connect Solutions will provide you with the best responsive and engaging solutions to tailor your businesses’ evolving needs.

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