Multi-store eCommerce / Shopping Cart Website Software for Your Business

Multi-store eCommerce is nothing but opening more doors to fresh and greener avenues that would give your business a fresh lease of life in terms of saleability and revenue.  And it enables the management of many web stores through single software or a lone admin panel.  The webmaster can modify or add items in the catalog on various websites through the same dashboard.  He can however update all the necessary changes so that they are reflected on all the websites.

The multi-store e-commerce platform helps you launch innumerable number of online stores making use of one single integrated system.  Unique online stores can be created for multiple brands, franchises, co-branded stores, product sets, B2C, B2B, employee stores, affiliates and more.  There is a single dashboard unlike the multiple dashboards in the traditional ecommerce.  The database too is single in the multi-store e-commerce where there were as many databases as the dashboards in the traditional ecommerce.  There is a custom application that has replaced the many ecommerce applications found in the traditional ecommerce scenario.

The dashboards that are employed here are user friendly and powerful too.  With the help of the powerful multi-store ecommerce software, you will be in a position to configure as well as manage the activities of all your storefronts with the help of a single dashboard.  It is with the help of this dashboard that you will b able to quickly create as many new stores as you want and also plan promotional campaigns.  Managing customers too becomes incredibly easy.

The multi-store e-commerce software will enable the business owner to share objects and attributes across various multiple stores.  All you need to do is set up the master catalog and then you can identify what needs to be shared in between the stores including promotions, shipping options, merchandise, customer accounts, tax rules and more.  It is this ability that enables the marketers to launch micro-stores in a jiffy or rather few hours.

With effective multi-store e-commerce website software you will be able to optimize and also proactively divide your business so that you can reap more benefits in the form of better reach to your target customers, better customer relevance, reduced comparison shopping, improved scores on Google Quality for your PPC ad campaign.

Effective multi-store e-commerce software will be able to handle transactions of high volume and high traffic too.  Running more number of stores with a huge number of visitors becomes absolutely easy with the help of standard server configurations.  And most important of all, the software also scales easily as and when your business witnesses growth.

To put things in a nutshell:

Every business looks forward to expand and venture into newer markets and it is the multi-store e-commerce software that will be able to help you in reaching the global markets and expanding your revenue.

Through a multi-store e-commerce configuration you can have numerous stores for different countries, customers, brands, and any other segment you wish.  Each of these stores will have an internet address that is unique, will have a different currency, language, catalog and also pricing but has a common infrastructure and administration.

The major benefits of the multi-store e-commerce software are that business enterprises can reduce costs and achieve good scalability and also better their opportunities in the markets.  They can operate niche ecommerce sites and low volume sites too in a cost effective manner.  Launching of new stores can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to rebuild ecommerce for that business right from the scratch.

M-Connect Solutions offer business intelligent solutions for eCommerce and mCommerce based on research and development. If you want to develop multi store eCommerce website then please contact us at anytime.

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