New App Development Ideas That Our World Needs Right Now

In this digitized era, mobile apps have changed the world. There are so many apps that have made our lives easier. From small businesses to the leading e-commerce stores, everybody has gotten their dedicated mobile apps.

The covid-19 pandemic has taught us why mobile applications are necessary. This is high time to reap innovative ideas in mobile app development technology that provides solutions in critical situations.

According to Statista, there are over 2 million apps for Android users and 1.96 million for iOS users. So you would need an app for your business that stands out in the market.

Here are a few app development ideas that we need right now.

  1. Airbnb for Cars:

With Uber and other taxi rental services, it is easier to get transportation facilities in the city. But when it comes to intercity travel, we have very few reliable options. Users face many problems such as pricing issues with add-ons, limited pickup and drop options, and no specific details on which car they are getting.

With this kind of app, users can quickly post their vehicles on the platform that can be picked up by renters who needs a car. It is very convenient for intercity travels. The process with the app is very transparent because before booking the services, you can see the actual pictures of the vehicle, and contact the provider immediately if there is an issue.

  1. Scan to shop:

During this pandemic, online shopping app has become boon for people to quickly order an item and get delivered to their doorsteps without stepping out. Since many online shopping apps are available in the market, such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You will have to do something different that puts you at the top of the competition.

As the name suggests, scan to shop app will help the users to quickly scan the product and find relevant products respective to its search compared to traditional shopping app where

Users have to search for the item to shop for. Developing such an app will help users quickly shop an item and save their valuable time, resulting in improved store conversions. For example, amazon go. Amazon go is a fantastic approach to the in-store buying abilities of customers.

  1. Virtual healthcare app:

One thing is for sure that the covid-19 pandemic has changed our perspective of healthcare. People are taking more advice from a virtually available doctor than going to the hospital.

A patient can meet his healthcare consultant at his place at their preferable time instead of going to the hospitals and stand in a long queue. Some apps provide a video call platform that makes it easy for both the patient and the consultant. Patients can quickly get a professional opinion at any time they want.

  1. Food donation app:

With a growing population, we cannot afford to waste food. Yet, many restaurants, food stores, and big venues throw-away tons of leftover food that can easily feed the needy. A mobile app for donating food can help control this problem.

Restaurants and big venues can tie-up with the organizations that collect the food via this app. Even some other people can contact NGOs if they have some leftover food. Since the food app category is very trendy in app stores, people may accept this new app development.

  1. On-demand home-cooked meal app:

People staying away from home for study or job miss the home-cooked food the most. On-demand home-cooked meal app is the solution for those who have a busy schedule and want home-cooked food. This app allows users order home-cooked food at an affordable price. It helps users to make healthy decisions every day. To enhance your app, you can offer discount offers on their next purchase or a long-term plan.

  1. App for a handyman and automobile repair:

Because of our fast going lives, it is very frustrating to go for regular car check-up and cope with the complications of the car. With this app, people can find a mechanic from any internet-enabled device and get the services done at their convenience. Both auto services and customers have benefited from this type of mobile app.

With on-demand handyman app services, you can combine several handymen on a single platform, thus it is easier for users to find a specific service.

  1. Book recommendation and donation app:

According to the research, we have 34% of the illiteracy rate of the world. So a book donation app is a great initiative to increase the literacy rate. There are unprivileged parts of society that cannot afford to buy new books every term. Libraries can access the apps to collect the books and provide them to the students.

There are many books available for one subject in some education fields; thus, students get more confused about which book they should refer. The book recommendation app makes it easier for students to choose the correct book. Also, this app allows readers to find new books in their favourite genre.

  1. Trip and budget planning app:

Trip planning app allows users to plan their entire journey, from the beginning of the journey to where it ends. This app can help you find the best hotels, restaurants, local food, tourist attractions, and many more. This app saves users’ time of browsing different apps for hotel booking, transportation, etc. users can prefix your budget and plan your trip accordingly.

With the budget planning app, user can save records of their bills, interest rates, tax payments, and many more. This feature can help them calculate the risk factor before investing in other projects.

  1. Suicide prevention app:

Mental health illness and suicide is a topic that hasn’t been taken seriously in most parts of the world. Most of the people, who are suffering due to mental health issue don’t go for professional help in fear of getting mocked. So it is essential to develop an app that allows user to talk freely to the consultant. With this kind of app, they can get professional counselling with just a click at any time.

  1. Telemedicine apps:

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is tough for the doctors to pay attention to each patient. The telemedicine app is a very speedy and convenient way of meeting a doctor while maintaining social distancing.

This app provides functions such as ordering medicine, schedule an appointment, and video call platform so that users can have quick interaction with on-call doctors on non-emergency medical issues at any time.

  1. Apartment rental apps:

Most people have faced problems finding ideal tenants for their properties, similarly, some people cannot find the perfect apartment to stay. An apartment rental apps make it easy to connect both tenants and landlord without the broker.


Indeed, mobile phone app development has become a great source of expansion of the businesses. With a great idea and a clear perspective of goals, you can create your desired app. As mentioned earlier, many mobile apps are available in their respected genre, so it is essential to develop a convenient app that fulfils everyday needs and stands out in the market. In this article, there are a few ideas that will help you create a new mobile app.

If you are looking for a mobile app developer, M-connect solutions can help you develop a highly engaging app for android and iOS devices. Contact us to kick start your project right away.

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