How React Native Is Shaping Mobile App Development

As the market grows, mobile app development is becoming tougher day by day. And in this tough competition, developers have to come up with influential apps that meet the bespoke demands of users. And to achieve that, developers need to adopt cutting-edge tools such as React Native framework for mobile app development.

Statista forecasts that by the year 2023, mobile apps will generate $935 million in revenue. And the majority of the revenue is expected from paid download and in-app advertising.

Companies want to get a piece of the pie of this massive mobile app market and are ready to embrace new technologies for the same. These new and cutting-edge technologies provide features and functionalities such as spotless navigation and aesthetically viable UI designs consumers need.

And React Native Development Framework perfectly fits into that. With this article, we are going to stress how React Native is shaping mobile app development. First, let’s start with what React native is?

What is React Native?

React Native is one of the most advanced mobile app development frameworks out there. Since its launch, React Native has successfully outshined its competitors. The framework provides developers with the most innovative approach toward developing intuitive cross-platform mobile apps that perform exactly like a native app. The broad spectrum of techniques offered by React Native for mobile app development makes it immensely popular among developers.

React Native is an open-source library of JavaScript build with utmost simplicity in mind. It was developed by Facebook’s software engineer – Jordan Walke – and Facebook still maintains it very well. It allows developers to use a single codebase to use across multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

React Native Brings out the scalability for front-end app development, which is one of the biggest advantages. And due to the scalability it offers, major apps like Netflix, Snapchat, and Instagram all are built around using React Native.

Why Should You Use React Native for Development?

React Native is an ideal platform to build your dream mobile application. But should you invest in it? Well, it depends on what type of app you want to build using it.

Using React Native framework, developers can create smooth and appealing cross-platform apps. Apps build with React Native look and feel exactly like native and perform like a native app too. And that’s not it, it offers so many more. So, let’s look at the benefits of React Native.

1. Cross-Platform Usage:

React Native is a powerful and popular framework to build mobile apps for cross-platform usage. Native apps meaning platform-specific apps require platform-specific experts to build such mobile applications. But with react native, you only need subject matter experts to carry out your project faster and cheaper.

It allows developers to build only one app that works perfectly fine across all platforms. The native API and the combination of native UI library with ReactJs provide a single codebase for both Android and iOS enabling it for cross-platform usage.

2.  Cost- & time-Efficient:

Companies generally go through a conflict of developing Android or iOS Apps. Also, developing platform-specific apps requires time, money, and effort. But with React Native, you can get a single cross-platform mobile app that works just like a native app. Also, it solves the problem of being both time- and cost-efficient at the same time.

With react native, only a single expert is required on the subject against multiple developers for Android and iOS. And it makes mobile app development speedy providing clients with quick time-to-market their products.

3. Native like Experience:

Mobile apps built with React Native can bridge the gap between a hybrid and a native app. The app will provide multiple native components to run it across platforms. Also, the user interfaces of the apps are so flawless that users won’t feel any difference in using a hybrid app or native app. The native features in hybrid apps provide it agility and performance similar to what native app is capable of providing.

4. Framework driven by Community:

React Native is available to everyone for use and is driven by its loyal community of developers. Also, Facebook believes that the framework’s community is helping to shape the mobile app development market and are working towards the betterment of it.

The best thing about React Native platform is technology-related all documentations and data’s are open. And this openness entices mobile app developers to use, engage, and share experience, expertise, and reusable code.

5. Hot Reloading:

While working on the mobile app, developer many time needs real-time data and feedback on the code being used. React Native’s Hot Reloading feature ensures that the developers get real-time live data. This feature comes in handy when developers need to implement new changes and want to see the changes being implemented in real-time. Framework’s preview window will simultaneously show the changes being made into the app.

6. Easy Debugging:

React Native offers an easy debugging process which is also one of the biggest advantages of using the framework. The app built on React Native does not require recompilation for each change made into it.

To observe and see changes, developers need only to refresh the simulator. Also, the iteration cycle on React Native is quick enough and does not impact negatively on the developer’s productivity.

7. Quick Updates and Easy Maintenance:

Updating platform-specific apps is a hassle for developers because they have to provide unique codes for each platform. Whereas in React Native, the app update process is more streamlined and hassle-free. Developers can update apps built on React Native simultaneously for all the platforms.

The React Native apps are updated through OTA (Over the Air) update method while the users are using the app. This is the best approach because here developers don’t need to send updates through App Store or Play Store and do not require Apple’s or Google’s permission.

Wrap Up

React Native is a classic example of a mobile app development framework that is driven by innovation and invention. It makes possible for developers and clients the idea of crafting stunning as well as affordable apps. Businesses can leverage the benefits React Native provides to build an app for multiple platforms at a cost of only one app. This is something that attracts most companies to go for cross-platform app development for both Android and iOS.

Need an expert to develop your own cross-platform mobile app? M-Connect Solutions is the leading mobile app development service provider. We have delivered influential apps that can boost your digital presence and help you catapult towards success. Contact us now to kickstart your mobile app development.

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