Top React Native Libraries to Use for Your App Development Project

React Native is the brainchild of the famous (or infamous lately) Facebook and is based on open-source JavaScript technology. Since its launch, React Native is shaping the future of mobile apps and has become a lifesaver for many developers who want to build both Android & iOS applications simultaneously because of its code-sharing capability. The best thing about it is thousands of JavaScript Libraries are available to use.

Component libraries in React Native are a big help to quickly get things done and save a lot of time as well. Using tons of amazing features offered by React Native libraries, many brands have built their cross-platform apps. And in this article, we are mostly going to talk only about the top 10+ React Native libraries to use for your app development project in 2021.

Top 10+ React Native Libraries to Use

Component libraries help customize the app package only using JS without needing any special syntax or language for style-defining. Having testing tools, networking tools, checking & cleaning tools, state management tools, side effect tools, etc. are quintessential to write bug-free and errorless codes. And for the same, here’s the list of our top 10+ React Native Libraries.

1. NativeBase:

NativeBase is a handy tool that’ll help rewrite React components for different platforms. It is a collection of vital cross-platform components used for building your bespoke app. The components of the library are a combination of React Native & JavaScript functionality with custom properties.

It is a fully open-source framework & has over 14k+ stars on GitHub. With NativeBase, one can have a native look & feel of the app using the same JS codebase for Android & iOS by working with platform-specific designs.

2. React Native Elements:

It is a cross-platform UI toolkit for React Native that puts together several UI components in one place. With over 20k+ stars on GitHub, it is among the most popular libraries that ensure the app has a consistent look & feel.

React Native Elements packs easy-to-use and customizable components like pricing, overlay, divider, badge, & platform-specific search bar. And thanks to one central location used for props defining, updating or modifying any components is easy.

3. Lottie for React Native:

Offered by Airbnb for mobile apps, Lottie is React Native library to add animations to your apps. Lottie helps convert the animations created in Adobe After Effects. With over 14k+ stars on GitHub, Lottie library is free to use and offers curated collections of animations.

This collection of animated files helps make the more interesting & attractive apps for end-users. The files are in vector format and come in small sizes, and thus, does not impact the performance of the app. And on the other hand, it can make your app visually appealing by spicing up the UI of it.

4. React Native Mapview:

React Native Mapview provides a map view component for both Android & iOS platforms. With Mapview, you’ll be able to customize a lot in map styles e.g. Mapview position, tracking location/region, and makes the interesting locations clickable on the Google map.

Moreover, you can zoom in on a specified coordinate/marker and even animate them too. What’s the cool thing about the Mapview for React Native is the markers here are draggable & update other UI components during the drag. There’s even a custom callout for markers, circles, polygon overlay, and polygon creators and also allows iOS users to create gradient polylines. All this makes it popular on GitHub with over 12k+ stars.

5. Ignite CLI:

Starting & setting up a project on React Native takes a bit time of developers before they start developing. And that’s where the Ignite CLI is useful to help make things faster & easier. Ignite CLI is one of the most popular starter kits offering flexible and easy-to-use boilerplates & generators.

Moreover, it is available for both React Native Expo & Vanilla and works with Android as well as iOS out-of-the-box. Having 12k+ stars on GitHub, Ignite CLI is the best starter kit available with built-in components, model generators, & screens.

6. Teaset:

Another great addition to our list of top React Native Library is Teaset. It features over 20+ pure JS(ES6) based UI components & content classes. This React Native library focuses on content display & action control.

With over 2.5k+ stars on GitHub, Teaset is perfect for those who need simplicity in design.

7. Material Kit React Native:

Material Kit is another great library that’s unique in its own ways. It is built with, expo, and React Native and offers to redesign common components to keep things in tune with Google’s design standard. It packs 200+ handcrafted components like cards, buttons, inputs, and navigation.

Apart from these, the Material kit also offers progress bars, spinners, etc. to display radio buttons, loading, and checkboxes, etc. Using this library, developers can create the most powerful & beautiful eCommerce application.

8. React Native Vector Icons:

Vector icons is a library to go for if all you need is to include icons in your mobile app. With over 20,000+ free and pro icons, you’ll surely find the best match for your needs. And the best thing is that it allows you to customize the icons, style them up, and extend them while using them for your project.

Vector Icons is the perfect library if you need buttons, logos, and nav/tab bar. Moreover, with 14.5k+ stars on GitHub, it can help create animated components by drawing an animated library of React native.

9. React Native Gifted Chat:

Gifted Chat is a library to set up a chat UI in React Native. It is written in TypeScript and packs fully customizable elements. These elements are useful in loading earlier messages or copy them to the clipboard and do many more things.

With over 10k+ stars on GitHub, the Gifted Chat also has support for Redux. Moreover, it enhances the user experience with Avatar as initials of users, localized dates, quick replies, multi-line TextInput, & system message.

10. React Native UI Kitten:

UI kitten is a UI library for React Native based on Eva Design System. It allows you to craft stunning mobile apps with cross-platform capability using its UI components that are styled in a similar way. These components bring consistency & scalability to the app design and development.

Moreover, with 8k+ stars on GitHub, UI kitten includes 25+ general-purpose components. It also includes 40+ screens in light & dark themes for creating a bright & exclusive app along with support for 480+ general-purpose SVG Eva icons.

11. React Native Paper:

React Native Paper is another free to use & open-source UI library that packs all the major use-cases. The high-quality & standard-compliant library components are designed keeping Google’s standard for material design.

Having around 8k stars on GitHub, React Native Paper has full support for theming. Moreover, details like animations, accessibility, & UI logic have been taken care of perfectly. And it works perfectly fine on both Android & iOS.

Wrapping Up:

With this, we conclude our list of the most important and top 10+ React Native Libraries to use for your app development project in 2021. Here, we have presented only a basic idea of all the libraries but they pack much more punch into them. And this article is aimed at providing knowledge to distinguish each library and use them properly for your app development project.

Need help with developing your own cross-platform app using React Native? M-Connect Solutions offers to build a highly interactive and engaging app that works & feels like a native on both Android & iOS. Contact us now to get a free consultation and quotation for your app development project.

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