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The idea of a tablet was brought out by Alan Kay and first tablet computer to be sold was from Apple Computer’s called Newton which was not a success.

Tablet is a smaller version of computer (PC) with wireless connections and also a touch interface. It is much smaller than any device we have know up till now like a notebook computer or a laptop but it is quite larger than a smart phone.

The tablets have been improvising with more battery life, screen resolution, more memory space and wireless Internet access with time. They are built with touch screen keyboard facility or a digital pen. The features like Internet browsing functions, GPS navigation functions, camera, battery life of 3 to 10 hours and many more are embedded in this next generation gadget.

There are some fantastic advantages of a tablet like it possesses of a camera and GPS navigation system. It also has a long lasting battery which is a real boon for those who has long use of the device. It is a very light weight device.

But, along with benefits, we also have some disadvantages. The prices are very high in comparison with other technological gadgets. It becomes quite difficult to type words faster and so the speed of putting the input becomes less because it has a virtual key pad. It is not easily manageable due to its delicate texture. It’s necessary to be very careful dealing with a tablet.

E-Commerce also known as Electronic Commerce or E-business is the process of buying or selling of goods through online websites. The idea of online shopping was first brought in light by Michael Aldrich in the year 1979.

Recent studies state that as now internet is available on almost every electronic device, purchasing of products online has become possible and as stated it is the medium of maximum online purchase now a days.

Each and every tablet user expects a faster and smarter speed from their gadgets. since these devices have become a great icon for styles, everyone expect that each and everything they do on a normal computer or laptops can be done easily on tablets.

In addition, Tablets have an interface which can be manipulated and with it, E-Commerce website developers can add new features like 360 degree product images which can be zoomed or stretched from any side and online retailers will like to redesign their websites with wider navigation buttons and large fonts.

People find it really fascinating to perform purchasing and advertizing of products on these small but attractive tablets that they feel as if it’s a great advantage to be able to perform regular activities in such a smart and unique way.

As we know that technology is changing with each passing day and it brings fundamental transformation in the new developments of the websites. Young eCommerce developers try to make such websites inclusive of many tantalizing features and which is also possible because tablets support advanced software.

Thus, retailers have optimized their websites for various smart phones and computers. For example, a very famous company of US called Staples Inc has designed its exclusively keeping in mind all the details as how an ecommerce site will look on tablets.

They have been developed in such a way so that the product can be presented with a different graphical view grabbing attention of a large number of customers. Not one or two but many retailers are improving their websites along with the changing technology. Thus, Tablets offer buyers and sellers something that a mobile phone or a computer cannot offer.

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  • I think it is great to have a tablet specific eCommerce website. Many people have started using tablets, as it has features of a phone as well as as of a laptop. eCommerce websites have been developed for mobiles and laptops by many firms. This is a good idea of having a tablet specific website for users, as a large audience falls under this category.

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