Tablets – The Next Booming Platform for eCommerce Applications

Technology in the 12s has changed the way of our life. It used to be that you can only browse through the internet through your laptop or PC, that all has changed when mobile came to the scene with real browser and then; the newest gadget is changing it all again, the Tablet.

A research carried out said, “Overall, tablets were found to be an ideal device for researching and vetting product purchases. Half of tablet users in the study said they turned to the device to research products prior to a store visit. The same percentage also strongly agreed the tablet was an ideal tool for researching products prior to purchase and 42% said the better viewing experience on tablets made them want to shop more on this mobile device.”

As internet retailers, this new gadget are just another tool like is a dream comes true for us. Why? Because it makes the public shop online more as they sit anywhere in the world, start browsing and can make a decision within a split second to buy from our website rather than go to the local mall, etc.

If you’re wondering why in the digital world there is a big emphasis on mobile devices, it’s because it’s real. Whether you think it’s a trend or not, research shows that mobile device users are as active as ever and using their device to really influence purchasing decisions.

Are you a tablet user, yourself? How much time do you spend on your tablet? What about on your phone? What do you do on your mobile device?

Since when, Apple has sold more than 55m iPads and with other manufacturers launching their own tablets PCs, this means that a significant proportion of users are accessing the Internet via Tablet Devices.

Ways Online Shoppers* in North America Use Their Tablet Devices to Research and Purchase Products, March 2012 (% of respondents)
tablet ecommerce usa

For marketers and online retailers, the tablet users represent interesting opportunities. This is a target market that generally has more disposable income and often has different usage patterns to mobile or desktop consumers.

The important thing to really note, and you may have already known about this, is that people are using tablets for research in purchase decisions, so what does that mean? If you aren’t really doing Pay-Per-Click marketing around night time when most of the people get to sit down after a hard day’s work and browse the tablet, you may be missing-out on consumers searching to purchase your product.

The number of online shopper’s now accessing E-Commerce websites by tablet has increased by 348 per cent over the past year. Now-a-days, the share of website visits from tablets grew approximately 10 times faster than the rate for smartphones in the first two years after market introduction and grew more than 300 per cent in the last year itself.

This rapid growth is driven by both higher rates of tablet shipments and a disproportionately higher number of website visits per tablet than smartphones.

And it is now believed tablets will see an even more significant rise in future as more consumer websites have begun to tailor their experiences for tablet users.

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