Top Five Tips to Improve Customer Support in your Firm

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

 Customer centricity and customer satisfaction are hot topics that determine the success rate of a brand. Exceptional customer support of a firm helps it to establish a foundation and at the same time elevates the reputation of the company.

As per estimates from Forbes, every year, the US firms lose about $62 billion solely due to poor customer services. On the other hand, Dimension Data Reveals 84% of companies that ensured satisfactory customer services registered an increase in their outcome. Hence, customer support and business prosperity are directly correlated to each other.

The question is, how can you enrich your existing customer support to attract more loyal customers? Here is a list of 5 easy-to-implement tips to make your customer services unique and unforgettable:

Listen To Your Customers:

  • Scott McCorkle says that “there is no better way to understand customer than to ask them what they need.” Listening to your customer patiently without interruptions and understanding the problem’s focus makes you a master in dealing with customers.
  • Feedback can vary depending on customers but listening to them is important because they choose to stop advocating for your enterprise.
  • Listening to customers can also open the windows of creativity and innovative ideas that can boost your business. It shortlists the arenas that should need critical prioritization. It also provides insights into the necessities of customers.
  • Customers can even provide you with feedback on your customer services. So make sure you satisfy their needs by asking it them openly. Utilization of surveys to figure out customer service metrics, individual performance and ask service-agent specific topics, like “How would you rate our service team member?” or “How effective or ineffective would you say the service member was?” These questions can aid you in identifying the areas that need attention.

Establish Connections:

  • Accenture Statistics show that 33% of customers curtailed their relations with brands due to a lack of personalization. By increasing the retention rate, firms can establish personalized connections with customers. Developing a customer support software can encourage you to forge a more subjective touch with your customers
  • It is also essential to maintain a connection with clients to ensure that you communicate on the book’s same page. This rapport can be constructed by asking questions, clarifications, and even outlining the concern after the customer delivers their problem.
  • Empathizing with customers will also help you to put yourself in their shoes. It is highly crucial, as the customers will be more receptive if they feel you completely comprehend their problems.
  • Maintaining positivity throughout conversations are necessary because it eases the situation and prevents tension. The birth of loyal customers depends on the trust that you built in a short interaction with them. Remember to be credible, positive, striking, and stay calm and optimistic, even if the customer doesn’t reciprocate the same emotions. Avoid automated answers as it can completely obliterate the desirable connection.
  • Remember that customers are real people, and they desire real, active conversations rather than scripted answers. One thing that customers cannot tolerate is the same response, getting repeated over and over. Pre-planning can avoid awkwardness but strive to concentrate on the problem rather than beating around the bush.
  • Customer service comes along with the product that you offer. So people expect you to be answerable to them. While providing customer support, some customer service executives can build empathy but fail to provide realistic solutions. Customers need to hear more than responses like “We understand your concern and are trying our best to solve the issue’, make certain you honestly do decipher their dilemma.

Optimal Use Of Technology:

  • Due to technological advancement, customers are already equipped with the latest technologies and can communicate with firms using various applications and software rather than letters or visitations in the past. Now there are Live Video Chat which facilitates customer executives and clients to communicate directly to each other. This platform is helpful for demonstrations or service troubleshooting. Currently, apps like Skype or Google Meet are prominently used for customer support.
  • Maximizing customer support through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook can also spread the word. Again, branded links enable the organization of the entities and track support materials for your team while exacerbating the buyer experience by erecting trust and brand consistency.
  • Customers often expect you to have an answer to all their queries within a short period. Therefore, perfecting your technical skills like typing and classifying and comprehending abilities to understand the problem without wasting your limited time is highly essential.
  • Deep knowledge of the subject is needed, so it is suggestive of spending time with product specialists to ensure you have abstruse proficiency about your business’s pros and cons to ensure clarity in your troubleshooting response. You can also educate yourself with tricks and tips that can solve the issues of the customers.
  • Customers usually only contact your assisting agents for services. Thus, they become the forefront representatives of your company who can discern a customer’s decision to stay loyal to your brand or leave. So they should have hard skills in solving customers’ technical issues and soft skills to communicate with your clients effectively.

Measuring Customer Support:

  • It is crucial to know the functioning of your support team for providing top-notch customer services. Analyzing the hard numbers can help you to determine the durabilities and shortcomings of your customer support. It can identify the fields that need development to impact customers’ satisfaction to advocate your brand and increase a retention rate.
  • By measuring your execution of customer support, you can alter your customer support administration endeavors. The most significant KPIs to estimate are First Response Time, Average Resolution Time, Resolution Rate, Average Customer Satisfaction Score, and Customer Retention Rate.
  • Be certain to encompass all the distinct factors without focusing on one area and avert blind spots. Abandoning disappointed subjects can traumatize your stature, so it is indispensable to figure out the volume of customers you can cover one day while not leaving anyone without providing favorable support.
  • Include all tangible and intangible aspects in your metrics by formulating a survey with equal weightage to qualitative and quantitative operations that can also impact your business.

Learn From Criticisms:

  • Customer problems are key to any firm’s development, as they share their individual insights into the problem and provide constructive criticisms.
  • When customers reach out to you, they often share genuine concerns and highlight the vital modification to make your firm appear more competitive. In other words, customers are the greatest critique of a business and acknowledging it can change your endeavor’s outlook.
  • Surprising customers by offering extra benefits of services in case of extreme dissatisfaction can restore the faith in your business. Similarly, adopt other strategies like gifts or assistance or advice to create a “wow” factor among your customers. Think out of the box and go beyond your customers’ expectations, which can convince them about the value you assign to them.
  • If further rectification is needed, the customer will stay intact while you transfer your calls, as they understand some problems cannot be solved remotely. And if it needs future updates, the firm should clarify the date and guide the customer through it.

Customer support is a never-ending cycle, and it is an integral part of your business as long as it is existent. Shopping is more than a mere transaction. Most people describe it as an experience, so if you provide firsthand product and incredible customer support, it is likely to increase your business value.


Increasing loyal customers can increase retention and provide recurring revenue and an increase in the firm’s visibility. The limited-time you spent with the customers is the best to employ a personal touch and create a profound impression. It is a solitary opportunity that you obtain once in a lifetime. Sincerity and integrity should not be compromised, as customers do not forget the experience they had. Promising customer support is also adopting their perception of your business as your reality. Through these five easy-to-follow tips, you can satisfy your customer with a supreme, unique experience.

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