Why Java is still on Top of all Programming Languages in 2020

As per the JetBrains’ State of Developer Ecosystem 2020 report, Java is still the most popular and primary language of developers. Also, Java is 5th most popular technology and 17th most loved language used by developers across the globe as per the Stack Overflow survey.

These statements are enough to say why Java is still on top of all the other programming languages in 2020. And the world-renowned platforms like Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, and eBay have one thing in common i.e., they are built on Java programming language.

There are only a few such languages like Java that’s been here for more than 20+ years and still boasts of the flexibility and a promise of “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” Today, it’s not only used for developing web and mobile applications, but it has put a substantial mark on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

And with this blog, we are going to tell you some interesting facts, history, stories about Java, and why it is still popular in 2020 all of which contributed to its success. So, stay till the end.

History of Java:

The development work on Java programming language started in early 1990 by Sun Microsystems’ James Gosling – the inventor of Java. Initially, the project was termed as Oak due to the Oaktree present outside the office. And after a brainstorming session over a coffee, they decided to name it as Java originated from espresso bean out of all other names such as DNA, Silk, Ruby, etc.

Java was supposed to be the better and simpler version of C & C++ to implement a virtual machine. It was designed as portable, flexible, user-friendly, and an automated memory management system. Java was developed for digital devices like TV, set-up boxes, and others but that idea didn’t work out that well and got rejected by the team.

Developed with “Write Once, Run Anywhere” approach, Java is an open-source, multi-purpose language used for desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise application development. Java follows OOP (Object-Oriented Programming).

Helpful Tools for Java Development:

Java is not only a programming language platform but an ecosystem that provides everything a developer may need to start development work. It includes the following tools.

  1. JDK (Java Development Kit): JDK helps developers to write, run/compile Java codes.
  2. JRE (Java Runtime Environment): JRE is a standalone tool containing JVM, standard Java libraries, and other configuration tools.
  3. IDE (Integrated Development Environment): The IDE is a set of tools that help run, edit, and compile Java codes.

Unknown Facts about Java:

Before we get into why Java is the most popular programming language, let’s look at some unknown interesting facts about Java.

  • More than 95% of the enterprise desktop runs on Java.
  • For developers, Java is one of the top programming languages to choose from.
  • Mora then 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobiles run on Java.
  • 89% of the systems run on Java.
  • All the Blu-ray disk players are programmed on Java.
  • More than 125 million TVs run on Java.
  • There are more than 5 billion Java cards in use right now.
  • 5 out of 5 original manufacturers of equipment use Java ME.

Why Java Became the Most Popular Programming Language?

Due to the consistency, updating, and testing capabilities offered by Java, it became the most popular programming language. From time-to-time, the language has been refined, tested, and expanded to prove itself in the industry. Java enables the development of portable, high-performing applications for the gamut of computing and cross-platform needs possible.

And due to Java’s this much practicality and flexibility of use, it has earned a place in the TIOBE index and Programming Hall of Fame. Also, seeing the rise in the popularity and use of Java, the chief of Sun Microsystems had said that Java is a way bigger name than the company itself. Also, Java was featured in Time Magazine’s top 10 best products of 1995.

These are enough reasons to say the popularity Java has garnered over time. Still, here’re a few reasons why Java became so popular.

  • Practicality

As per James Gosling, Java is a Blue-Collar platform, which aims to develop applications in a frictionless manner. Java allows developers to write unreadable codes with good coding conventions, which are more readable than the other programming languages.

  • Write Once and Works Everywhere

Once written, Java programming language works anywhere and everywhere. It means you don’t need to hire a separate developer to develop separate applications for Windows, Linux, or macOS. You can simply hire a Java development service from a reputed company like MCS Ventures for comprehensive solutions for your needs.

  • Support for Legacy Platform

First, what is a legacy platform? A Legacy platform is an outdated Operating System that is still being used in a limited manner and has been supplanted by the latest version.

As the operating systems are updated, the Java language is also constantly evolving. And it still continues to support the enterprise application built on the older Java version. As per GeeksforGeeks’ report, almost 95% of the applications use Java. That’s why it is one of the most popular languages.

  • Big Name in the Mobile Industry

Android OS is completely built on Java programming language. Also, the games and other apps that are built using Java for the mobile application market provides immersive user-experience to its users. Thus, more Android devices are sold compared to other OS devices, which marks the success of Java as well.

  • Powerful JVM

Java Virtual Machine is used by many websites due to its capability to manage the huge amount of traffic. JVM was built and optimized for static context and type-safe codes, where Java developer writes code and execute it and then deploy the app on a server.

Java’s modern competitor, Ruby has a clearer syntax similar to the English language. For high-efficiency, Ruby developers have to use JRuby, which also runs on JVM.

  • Recommended by Google

Built on Java, Android has the largest OS installation base thus, no mobile app developers can ignore it when developing an application. The apps can be developed using C, C++, or Java but as per Google, developers should create an application using Java language. Because Android will help in boosting the performance and compatibility of an app built on it. And there are tools to develop an Android app faster using the programming language.

  • Provides Ease of Understanding and Troubleshoot

Java follows Object-Oriented Programming, which helped it to become the most popular language. Object-Oriented Programming makes the development works much simpler as it breaks down the executable codes and parts into small and easy-to-understand pieces. This practical approach of Java helps in troubleshooting complex issues associated with other programming languages like C, C++, etc.

  • Flexibility of JRE

JRE (Java Runtime Environment) contains Java Class Libraries, Java Class Loader, and JVM. Using JRE, Java runs consistently across multiple platforms. Once JRE is installed on the computer, all the Java programs created are good to go. It is also compatible with mobile devices other than Mac, Windows, and Linux. This is the kind of independence and flexibility Java gives as a programming language to developers.

  • Developer Favorite

Many developers find that Java is not only the easiest programming language to learn but also is easy to write, compile, use, and debug. Java has the capability to allow developers to create reusable codes and modular programs. Also, Java provides great libraries for developers to use. And it has the largest community of developers that share their precious knowledge.

  • Versatility

Java is one of the versatile and accommodative programming languages that providers developers an opportunity to run tens to thousands of coding methods. The Java APIs provide tons of class to developers and around 50 keywords to use for development. The PATH and CLASSPATH of Java help distribute and sync computers and programs across all platforms.

  • Smart, Fast & Cost-Effective

Java has a feature that enables the programmer with the ability to reuse common codes wherever possible. Java allows developers to focus on the development of uncommon attributes by sharing the common attributes between the two objects within a class. This makes Java one of the smart, simple, fast, and yet cost-effective programming language.

  • Uniqueness

For the past two decades, Java has seen many upswings in its popularity. Introduction of Lambda expressions and other API streams in JDK 8 impressed many Java developers. It allowed developers to do things in a functional way without the need to learn a new programming language like Scala. With Jigsaw delivery in JDK 9, it enhanced the modularity factor, which allowed developers to build enterprise applications easily. And all the later versions of Java released introduces more stability, performance, and security enhancements.

Summing Up

Java is like COBOL of this century and will stay here forever. With 21.42% market share Java is still in high demand. Java was topping the list of best programming platform from 2000 to 2018, which is currently topped by the Python. But it does not impact the popularity of Java. Numerous other languages are emerging out in the market but nothing can come close to Java. Because it is still no.1 programming language for many. And JAXenter’s annual survey proves the same, where is at the top and languages like Python and swift don’t even rank in the top 5.

From this, we can say that Java managed to lead over other languages comfortably even in the year 2020. It outshines other programming languages in developing, scaling, and deploying applications in a flexible programming environment. If you still need help with anything, then contact us with your doubts about application development needs. And if you are a new developer or want to start learning programming and coding than we suggest start with Java.

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