Meager 24% Small Retailers Gone mCommerce Studies Report

Mobile commerce – mCommerce is ruling the roost now-a-days and fetching profits galore to the business owners. But are the small and medium sized retailers benefitting from the same? Are they able to make a foray into this arena?

Studies report that the small and medium retailers are left far behind in the race as far as incorporating mobile commerce is concerned. Even though the participation of this segment is a meager 24%, there are 89% of the small and medium retailers who opine that m-commerce is highly essential in order to attract more business. Do they have a website that is compatible for conducting m-commerce, comes the question?

When the study focused on learning the facts beneath such low participation by the SME retailers, it was found that the high costs, concerns about security and lack of resources were the main reasons. Though they felt that mobile commerce is very essential for growth they were tied down due to the above mentioned facts.

A research conducted by Google showed that 15% of the online population comes through mobiles. This only emphasizes the importance of having a website that is mobile optimized.

When the SME retailers are highly concerned about the security aspect, they should choose such a provider who honors this concern seriously. Having payment systems that are compatible with the mobile websites is also highly essential.

The ever increasing toughness of the marketplace emphasizes the importance of getting integrated into the system. These small and middle retailers should utilize every small opportunity they get in order to be a part and parcel of the retail landscape.

The connotation of shopping has changed tremendously over the years and success for a business remains in being accessible to its customers and prospective customers through multi-channels. So, if growth is the main aim of these retailers, they should definitely embrace the opportunity that is being offered by m-commerce.

It is a massive opportunity lost indeed if small and middle retailers are unable to embrace this opportunity on the pretext of expertise, budget or time for the kind of exposure this brings along is irreplaceable. These retailers too should tap the potential that the retail ecommerce sales will bring about for this is going to be the future. And it definitely pays off well to take baby steps forward in that direction lest one always faces the risk of being left behind in the competition.

The study was conducted by Onepoll on behalf of MoPowered and the outcomes reflected that even the SME retailers are of the opinion that it is mCommerce that is going to lead the entire world. Though they are holding back for a few reasons, they realize the importance of being accessible through the mobile platform too because that is the way the entire world is moving.

And very soon the segment of the market that shops through their mobiles will also be on the rise and these SME retailers are definitely going to miss out on that if they cannot make the transition. It may be a onetime investment but the benefits it will give the retailers are enormous. And that is what has been expressed by 89% of the SME retailers who aspire to join the bandwagon of Mobile commerce…the future of conducting online businesses!

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1 thought on “Meager 24% Small Retailers Gone mCommerce Studies Report”

  • Retail eCommerce is quietly major application as per the functionality overview. There are too many products and channels are available to buy. As per your blog post there is some clues are raised for mobile commerce, online retail is booming and parallel mobile payment technology also get advanced functions to make easy transactions. But still there is responsive web design issue is there. Lots of retailers are not aware with this fundamentals and technology information. mCommerce is widely accepted by users in Europe and America compare to the other countries.

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