Advantages of Using Node.js for Web Application Development

In this rigorously growing competitive market, every organization needs to have an adaptable, anchored, and resilient web app development service. Thus, organizations contemplate more authentic mobility solutions to form good enterprise strategy, synchronal intelligence, and better decision-making strategies.

This advanced technology was first developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl during the annual European JSConf. Soon it got recognition as the most exciting single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe.

Node.js has loomed out as the best and the most prominent enterprise platform for web development. Several web development organizations and web developers have endorsed this technology to meet all the latest market needs and demands and match all the industry’s updated trends. The developer’s interest in Node.js was high in 2017, and it remains in that position.

Are you pondering what has made Node.js development so successful? Well, there are endless causes linked with it, which we will discuss here.

When it comes to recognizing the advantages of using Node.js for web development, there are numerous factors a chief technology officer (CTO) or a technical expert has to consider. For example, tech accessibility, limitations speed and performance of the application, and much more. Decisions made at this point regulates how fast your application will grow in the market. JavaScript has governed web development as the most famous and preferred client-side programming language. Things that we could do with the JavaScript programming language on the server-side were just a concept till the introduction of Node.js in 2009. With the advantages of Node.js, web development has become immensely simple, prominent, and cost-effective.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment used for building highly secure, flexible, and fast network applications. This open-source environment is built on Chrome’s V8 engine. It is used for simplifying web development as it allows web developers to write and execute code in JavaScript programming language outside of a web browser. It is an event-driven source led by a non-blocking Input-Output, making it lightweight, prominent, and extremely fast for developing web applications. Node.js has become the consistent choice for several enterprises like the IT industry, Healthcare industry, and many more. It is not easy to endure the simplicity that Node.js offers.

Web developers can utilize JavaScript programming language to write command-line tools and scripting server-side language and running scripts of server-side to build the web page’s vigorous content before sending the page to the chrome browser of the user. Therefore, it united web development about a single programming language, rather than using numerous programming languages for server-side and client-side scripts. This technology encompasses several tools and a healthy-library that the web developers can quickly build web development to a more considerable extent.

Advantages of using Node.js

Let us discuss some valuable advantages of using Node.js for web development:

  • Node.js offers High-performance for developing Real-time Applications:

One of the main advantages of using Node.js is that you can develop high-performance applications that exhibit results within a fraction of a second using this programming language. Web applications hopped-up by Node.js benefit excessively from its capability to multitask. Contradictory to other platforms, it is singly threaded and event-driven design processes numerous coeval requests prominently without choking the RAM. In addition to this, event-loop and non-blocking Input and Output operations of Node.js allow the execution of code at a comfortable pace, appreciably impacting the application’s overall performance.

What promotes the superpower of Node.js is that it is built on the V8 engine of Chrome and is written in C++. It also breaks the functions of JavaScript into machine codes with high coherence, efficiency, and speed. Node.js assisted GoDaddy in excelling its competition. While steering SuperBowl’s ad campaign, the web anchoring company managed around ten thousand requests per second with utterly no downtime, using only 10 percent hardware, all gratitude to Node.js for its excellent performance.

  • Node.js offers Easy Scalability for Updated Applications:

With a persistently increasing user base of tens of millions of consumers, applications like Walmart, PayPal, Netflix, Uber, and many more, have considered Node.js as a feasible solution for extensibility.

The continuous growing technology comes with lots of features, such as the clustering module. It benefits the balancing of the load over several cores of CPU, thereby making it easy for delivering wanted outcomes through tiny modules without burning out RAM. In addition to this, Node.js utilizes a non-blocking event-loop mechanism that proffers heavy scalability and allows the server to process all the requests effortlessly.

From the development stance, Node.js permits you to hold Microservices that further allows you to divide your application into smaller modules. In this way, you can define tasks and assign them prominently among numerous different teams to track development in a faster manner, deploy, and maintain each section of your application. Node.js and Microservice permit updated applications to scale up and down according to their need and help companies achieve a high-performance rate with fewer resources.

Walmart profited immensely by replacing its former system of legacy with the fatal combination of Node.js and microservices architecture. The giant merchandise noticed a sudden growth of 20 percent in overall conversions, along with a 98 percent increase in mobile conversion. Additionally, they did not just end up saving 40 percent of the total computing power, but they also benefited in cutting down the total cost by a whopping 20-50 percent.

  • It is very Cost-effective with full-stack JS:

Since Node.js benefits web developers with the opportunity of writing server-side code in JavaScript programming language, we get a chance of writing codes not only on the front-end but also on the backend with absolute ease. This ability acts as one of the most significant advantages of Node.js as it covers the hindrance of hiring two resource teams along with the considerable saving of time, energy, and cost for the entire project development.

Before announcing its shifting from Ruby on Rails to Node.js, the development team of LinkedIn gained high-performance momentum from the advantages of node.js. This feature helped them in cutting down the servers from 30 to 3. They also discovered that the resource deputation and more efficiency helped them shift their focus from troubleshooting to the application’s development.

  • Node.js proffers Community Support for Simplifying Development:

With billions of web developers bestowing actively to the community of Node.js, you can expect heavy support from these web developers from all over the world to help you in solving even the most bizarre development problems.

NPM, a JavaScript package manager, is the most prominent package manager library in the world. It proffers several tools and rich libraries that are readily available for you to use in your project. You will also find a gigantic pool of resources like solutions that are ready for use, codes and modules, libraries, and registries built on GitHub by web developers for helping you achieve more limited resources.

This ever-growing technology is powerfully supported by IBM, which has conveyed its plans for sponsoring and speaking at important Node events for driving and maturing in the project. In addition to this, they also crave for pushing for an open bureaucracy in the merger of JS Foundations and Node.js, which might result in a more robust, more lively JavaScript ecosystem.

Many leading technical giants like Google affirm this dynamic community, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook massively bestowing the advantages of node.js. They have made significant contributions in the form of various solutions for an open-source. Acceptance by technical giants and the web developers’ community ensures technological growth in the foreseeable future.

  • Node.js is Quite Lucid to Learn and Quick to Adapt:

It is unquestioned that JavaScript is one of the most famous and widely used programming languages in the developers’ community. It is effortless to learn and adapt Node.js to develop web applications and other famous use cases of Node.js. It requires less time to write code using this programming language.

According to a survey, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for developing front-end and acts as a universal programming language. A very little time and effort are required to learn and work with Node.js programming language, whether the learner is just a beginner or a junior web developer.

According to a recent survey, an impressive figure of 49.9 percent of the professional web developers, who participated in a voting survey, selected Node.js to be the most widely used technology. This efficiently answers the question of why node.js is considered to be so popular.

  • Node.js helps in building Cross-functional Teams:

Let us consider you have employed two teams for developing projects and testing quality. Both the teams work independently, and their responsibilities are restricted to their experience area. Although this could look ideal, chances are these teams having significant communication gaps are high, resulting in severe loopholes in your product. It sounds like a problem. Node.js is the solution to this problem.

Since Node.js proffers the advantage of developing a full-stack, it will help you build a team that focuses on intensifying the life cycle of your development wherein you get an opportunity to address challenges instantaneously. Such a working environment adds value to better productivity and allows you to resolve issues and troubleshoot them duly.

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