Application Development Lifecycle Management to Achieve Business Goals

When a collection of programs satisfies certain requirements or resolves certain issues, then it is called an application. The collaboration between business management and IT has given rise to the application tools to facilitate the management functionality.

It is essential for any business to be sure regarding the quality and stability of applications that affects the production and quality of the end product of the business. Moreover, the customize applications should be made available to the clients within their budget parameters.

Application Lifecycle Management is a series of steps in an orderly manner for accomplishing the goals. It signifies that all the development work is undertaken in fully managed, organized and efficient atmosphere. It ensures the completion of projects with minimum cost and within time limit. It is important that development of applications should be reliable, efficient and secured.

Objectives of Application Development Lifecycle Methodology:

  • To ensure that systems are developed in fully organized manner
  • To cut the operational and support costs and minimize the risk
  • To enable sound communication between development team, support team and the end users of the system
  • To enable stability to the systems
  • To ensure the originality of work
  • To provide comprehensive documentation of the system
  • To provide a realistic picture of the project
  • To manage the risk effectively
  • To evaluate the projects
  • To ensure the end product with the stated requirements

Application Lifecycle Management ensures the development of successful projects through a proper framework, procedures and advanced techniques. It provides value to the overall business. It is essential to consider the size, type and scope of the development before using the appropriate methodology.

Application Lifecycle Methodology consists of a series of steps that can be used by the development team can reuse the learned lessons into new projects efficiently. It describes what is needed to be delivered from the system.

There are various benefits of Application Development Lifecycle Methodology, which are as follows:

  • Providing productive product as the risk is lowered
  • Ensuring the delivery timeline
  • Improving operational efficiency of IT
  • Reducing the risk of accidents
  • Providing a common communication medium for everyone involved in the project
  • Reviewing the progress regularly according to planned project
  • Enables to have focus on outcomes
  • Ensures the planned resource allocation

Key Factors of Application Development Lifecycle Methodology:

  • To define the business plans and goals
  • To define schedules and budgets
  • To clarify the scope and requirements
  • To identify the risk factors
  • To define the development team
  • To review the activities and their outcomes
  • To communicate the review and progress reports to different levels
  • To make a regular review of the procedures involved
  • To measure the business outcomes


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides a consistent approach for developing and managing projects. It ensures the identification of problems at an early stage and communication of the end results. It uses different techniques for different projects of varied scales. It enables high end teams and ensures accountability and authority of teams. Application Development Lifecycle Methodology is an effective solution for software development projects.

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