UI Design Tips for iPhone Application Development

The world is turning mobile, it would be hard to argue otherwise with more than over a figure of two hundred million smart phones, tablets and air books already sold worldwide. The phone is one big constraint – no keyboard, small screen, few buttons – so designing applications for the phone is an exercise in building smart, simple software.

According to survey and above graph, it’s proves that iPhone booming in the market, so it’s better to concentrate on iPhone applications which is helpful to generate good revenue. Today, iPhone application development has gained respect from all around the world due to its systematic and professional approach for designing most innovative and impulsive apps.

The great UI designs are not created by just opening up the Xcode and dragging some design builder elements over it, it needs great user experiences. iPhone Application has gained respect from all around the world due to its systematic and professional approach for designing most innovative and impulsive apps, amongst other all mobile devices.

Getting started is always the hardest step but returns the greatest rewards. Savvy mobile users generally pay more attention toward making exciting user experience, and when they have a choice they prefer a native look and feel be it for email, messaging & video chatting, social networking, weather forecasts, sport events, news channels and lot more comes to it. Increasingly, developers can emulate a native experience in the browser thanks to the progress made by Web Kit.

iPhone users love a clever app unveiling great and exciting things to explore in leading to simple usability. On the other hand, your app can become very difficult to use if you overcomplicate the things while framing the UI design. Practicing with the native iPhone graphics is the easiest path for newbie designers.

The task of a designer is not only to make the UI look good. Designer has to create User Experience, which requires skills beyond a graphics editing program. Good graphics alone will not make the application usable. User Experience takes a conscious effort throughout every stage of the design and development process to get it right.

One may have clear picture about how UI will look like and may also identify whether it will be user appealing or not! The frames of App can immensely help the app developers down the line by having contained set of templates. If you are less artistically gifted and wish to jump right into the technology then check out a sample phone UI kit.

After a bit of work you will notice creating complementary views becomes easier once the initial design is set. As one could expect there is plethora of development tools that developers would need to know inside out to support an efficient mobile application factory. Last but not the least; your development team will also need to be versed in implementing and consuming Web APIs.

Tips for Making Interactive UI Designs:

  • Design your app’s flow before you open Photoshop, Xcode, or text editor of your choice.
  • Wireframe the UI design
  • Sketch your ideas and creativity on paper or using Photoshop or anything with which you feel comfortable
  • App Prototyping
  • Prototyping is much simpler when you can work through a diagram similar to the phone design, included in portrait and landscape
  • Best Practices – The suggested practices towards creating individual app prototypes is to save separate view states into a new directory. i.e you could create a new directory labeled myApp and inside create a folder named views
  • Use a UI kit as a starting point
  • Only design your App icon once
  • Keep your art work Vector-Based
  • Design the Non-Retina version first

Expectations for a good user experience in mobile apps are higher than ever as the growth in the buyers has been exponentially high.

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8 thoughts on “UI Design Tips for iPhone Application Development”

  • Designing for phone isn’t much different than designing for web. In fact its bit easier since you’ll be working on the smaller screen with specific access points.

  • I think it can be challenging for the developers, making such a software work successfully is definitely a task for them.

  • Thank you for this helpful design tips for iPhone application development. Very useful for our designers. Designing applications for the phone is an exercise in building smart, simple software.

  • Use of mobile phone has rapidly changed with the introduction of Apple iPhone. It is accessible to internet and lot more technology, e –services and banking, sales and marketing. Communication has become easier, effective and costless through iPhone. IPhone functionality and performance are user-friendly and highly resulting.

  • I am very interested in becoming the Iphone developer and after reading this blog with simple graph which shows the boom of Iphone in the market. Now i am more clear that i am at the right way. Thanks for great knowledge about the Iphone Application market.

  • This is extremely helpful designing tips for iPhone application development. iPhone functionality and performance are user-friendly and highly resulting which are very beneficial for the users.

  • Hey thanks for this interesting post you have mentioned quite a lot of useful tips of iPhone design. I am a mobile app development enthusiast and i love reading informative posts on this topic. I believe that UI is one of the most important factor of any application. Today’s users are attracted towards a great designer user interface first, and then evaluate the attributes of the application. However, keeping the UI simple yet attractive is the challenge of them all.

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