How AI and ML Have Opened Doors of New Opportunities in Mobile App Development?


If a business thinks of its customers, it has to think of mobile devices in their palms. Today, we cannot imagine life without smartphones and tablets in our hands. Marketers perceive smart devices as magic wands to achieve business goals. It is because a vast audience is available there, be it via responsive websites or mobile apps.

Introduction of Innovative Technologies in Mobile App Development Landscape

Advancements in mobile app development technologies and fusion of upcoming technologies have pushed trends towards disruptive innovations.

  • Location-based services (LBS) have triggered the process. IoT (Internet of Things) leveraged it one-level up.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and associated technologies such as BI (Business Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and ML (Machine Learning) followed it.
  • Now, AR (Augmented Reality), and Wearable Devices are no longer new terms in the software development industry and elsewhere.

So, today mobile developers at a Mobile App Development Company are busy in the integrations of variety of APIs in their mobile development projects.

However, today we will focus on AI & ML-like advanced technologies. We will learn how the amalgamation of both has triggered the disruptive innovations in the mobile application development landscape. What plethora of opportunities are waiting in the coming days to bless our lives and the ways we are doing businesses.

AI-powered Solutions in the Present Market

Before going to discuss anything about AI & ML, we must know which solutions and processes empowered by these technologies. How we can integrate those in our mobile app development processes through available APIs.

  • Virtual personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, etc.
  • Voice-based interface
  • AI-powered chats and communication like Chatbot
  • Automated data analysts
  • Automated reporting and info gathering
  • Predictive analytics
  • AI-powered decision support
  • AI-powered automated sales-analysts
  • Robotics
  • ML-based processors

The majority of AI-powered solutions are cloud-based and use various cloud services extensively. Thanks to mobility, mobile applications provide these all AI and associated technologies an interface for moving users and cloud accessibility without any constraint of location and time.

In short, mobile UI is an ideal anchor point to all upcoming technologies to interact with the maximum user base.

With such advanced knowledge and insights into the process, let’s explore, how AI & ML associated technologies can cause disruptive innovations in mobile app development? What mobile app developers have to learn to keep pace with these emerging technologies?

Influence of Personalization Technology in Mobile App Development

Personalized UX is abuzz today right from an ecommerce business solution to B2B portal application. There are dozens of personalization engines/software used in the present market with seamless integration capabilities with mobile applications.

Fundamentally, personalization engines accumulate user data from different user touch points using ML capabilities. AI helps in segregation, analysis, and implementation of personalization recommendations to turn all into the excellent personalized experiences.

Moreover, personalization engines also help other AI-powered solutions such as voice assistants and Chatbot to augment personalized experiences further and contribute greatly to app success. However, it implies mobile app developers to learn integrations and prepare personalization strategies upfront to bring innovations in the app.

Influence of Advanced Search Engines in Mobile App Development

Advanced search engines in mobile apps can offer textual as well as voice-based search experiences. For textual, suggestive search, recommendations, filtered search, faceted search, and navigational search features are common today. Voice-based search is a step ahead from textual search engines and can deliver quick results in comprehensive ways.

NLP and ML play greater roles in advance search experiences along with AI technologies. AI-powered search engines when integrated with your mobile apps, it opens doors for new opportunities in untraversed domains and industry niches where penetration of mobile app was a nightmare. For example an app for the manufacturing industry, large retail outlets, and even on ecommerce businesses. It allows apps to locate parts, products, and services with location and direction features!

Influence of Prediction Engines in Mobile App Development

We know users of business have complex behavior with digitalized services. It is because physical stores have a sales team to keep watch on the behavior, preferences, and buying history of consumers, but digital shops like websites and mobile applications remain aloof from such advantages of human capabilities.

Therefore, prediction engines have developed for websites, and mobile applications, which are recording everything users does and intentions behind each move of users on the digital landscape.

Based on such valuable data, prediction engines offer recommendations for a particular user in a highly personalized manner and display ads, give various incentive and recommend products. These all eventually lead a business to achieve a high conversion rate and decent ROI at the end.

Google Prediction API and similar prediction services on the cloud have eased the job of mobile app developers. You can deploy your models on Google Cloud ML prediction services through AI Platform. It will train your models with each interaction by users. It also allows you to use already trained models at scale.


We have seen how Artificial Intelligence and the associated technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing have triggered the disruptive innovations in mobile app development. How such emerging & advanced technologies have changed the prospects of mobile applications to penetrate unknown business niches and leaving positive impacts on the end-users.

Do you want to explore a plethora of new opportunities by leveraging AI and ML-like upcoming technologies? Think M-connect Solutions as your dependable mobile app development partner. Let’s have exchanges of similar thoughts on these technologies for your next project.


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