How Machine Learning is Beneficial for Mobile App Development

We are seeing the increased utilization of Machine Learning (ML) across the globe. This global adoption of ML is credited to its effective & beneficial algorithms, frameworks, and techniques that are useful in solving complex problems easily & quickly.

One research by Allied Market reveals that the Machine Learning market is expected to grow at a rate of 39% from 2017 to 2023 to reach $5,537 million. This tells that major industry verticals will leverage the ML for their benefit. And mobile app development industry is no exception to that either.

If you have ever noticed & wondered how Facebook can automatically recognize people in photos & tag them? Or how YouTube’s algorithm presents you with videos based on your viewing patterns? The answer is Machine Learning. ML along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has completely transformed the landscape of mobile app development. Let’s look at how ML can benefit mobile app development. But before we get into that, let’s quickly recap what is Machine Learning Technology.

What is Machine Learning Technology?

The best way to describe it is that Machine Learning is a science of computer programs that allows them to learn & act like a human. Not only that, but ML-enabled computers can learn over time to decide what’s required out of them by feeding it with data & information of real-world interactions & observations.

The above definition encapsulates the ideal objective of ML technology. But Machine Learning can do much more than that. At its basic, ML is a practice to use algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and give out a conclusion or prediction about something. They are a science of computers to work without being programmed.

Machine Learning is a subpart of the bigger branch – Artificial Intelligence.

How Machine Learning is Beneficial for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps can better user engagement via improving the level of personalization & product suggestions by incorporating the ML. Wondering what’s more? This article perfectly describes how Machine Learning is Beneficial for Mobile App Development. So, without further ado, let’s get going.

1. Personalization

Personalization serves as a huge advantage of ML for mobile app development to offer an improved app experience to your customers. Wonder how? Let’s see. What Machine Learning does is analyze the shopping patterns & behavior of customers to provide businesses with insights about customers’ liking. Businesses then can use these insights and offer their customers personalized product recommendations through messages, email, or on-site.

The State of IT’s annual reports says that buyers are likely to spend 40% on the shopping than they initially planned if they are provided with personalized shopping. This explains why personalization is important. And with the help of ML, you can allure more users by providing personalized shopping.

2. Advanced Product Search

Another benefit of ML is optimizing the customer search to providing better & more contextual results to customers. By analyzing the customer’s search patterns, ML algorithms can use the information to prioritize the search results that matter the most to the shoppers. The use of ML for advanced product search is the reason businesses prefer this new-age technology.

Probably this is why almost half the businesses are adopting this tech to refine their marketing & run their ventures smoothly. Thanks to the modernization, mobile apps are getting better at analyzing the user’s choices based on their search history using the ML techniques. What’s interesting is that data will be available for future use to render more optimized and tailored results to customer queries that help bring in more customers. This makes Machine Leaning a profitable deal for all businesses.

3. Fraud Protection & Security

The advancement in Machine Learning can play a major role in detecting the security flaws and arranging the fraud control mechanisms to make it stronger. Clearly, this is by far the most advantageous application of ML tech for mobile app development. The ML algorithms analyze the user behaviors and identify any irregularities caused by threats and help safeguard the app from such threats.

This is the reason why a major part of the banking sector uses ML technology. This is even proved by Mckinsey’s report that says millions of banks are using the ML for customer satisfaction improvement & lower the data errors.

Another staggering fact is that every year, over $32 billion worth of frauds happen, and ML technology can help detect such frauds & aid in reducing the vulnerable attacks. Mobile apps that incorporate ML algorithms provide them a robust security level against fraud.

4. Trend Forecasting

To survive in this fierce competition, it becomes vital for businesses to keep themselves updated with the latest market trends. And Machine Learning technology can help predict the trends for mobile apps. It helps organizations to keep up with the ever-changing shopping trends and styles. Also, ML can provide businesses what helps bring customers to their app.

This benefit of ML makes it one of the best applications of ML for mobile apps. Moreover, using this technology, companies can accumulate concrete data about the trends by analyzing the information from various sources such as social media, blogs, etc., and forecast trends. Doing so, helps mobile app owners to know what their customers want the most and boost your business’s growth & enhance profit.

5. Product Recommendations

By extracting meaningful insights, Machine Learning algorithms can help you determine what customers like & their behavior. Having such data helps you to send product recommendations to app users via notification, email, or SMS based on the trends and the latest products available.

This makes ML the answer to marketers looking for ways to increase user engagement rate. Also, this makes it a great advantage for mobile app owners to incorporate Machine Learning in their apps.

6. Fast & Protected Authentication Process

Another reason to leverage the ML technology for mobile app development is enabling users to pass identification & authentication processes to log in to apps from a secured system. This works best for eCommerce, banking, and other types of apps that demand high security.

Mobile app development companies use this ML-based technology for logging in processes in apps & websites. Having added security in the apps makes the Machine Learning technology a preferred choice for mobile app development.


We have learned how Machine Learning is beneficial for mobile app development. And this article perfectly dives in to provide a clear picture of the potential of ML technology for mobile app development. The technology can help improve the shopping personalization of customers, provide advanced product search, helps in control fraud activities & enhance security, recommend products to bring in new customers, forecast future trends, authentic process faster, and do many more things as well.

The use of Machine Learning has solidified and revolutionized the mobile app development industry completely. And greater adoption of ML by the business is something expected in near future.

Want to develop an ML-based mobile app? M-Connect Solutions is once such team of experts offering to develop the most interactive and engaging app that provides a personalized shopping experience to your customers and enhances their level of satisfaction altogether. Contact us to take things further and develop your dream mobile app with us.

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