Tips on How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps?

Machine learning (ML) is one of the trendiest Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods aimed at offering a creative approach towards personalized experience. You may have already experienced that machine learning is incorporated into many modern applications. For instance, Uber, Siri, Taco Bell, and many others that we used to use in our routine life. Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate ML in your next mobile application development project.

How does Machine learning work?

The machine learning is based on artificial neural networks. It means if you know how human’s neural network functioning, you can easily understand how machine learning works. ML has vast areas of applications. For instance,

Machine Learning In Robotics

Nowadays, people are using robots to help them in myriads of tasks. People used to operate robots with voice commands or a few taps on their mobile phones. Robots are machines, and ML can play vital roles in various operations.

Machine Learning In Data Mining

The data mining provides the storage, maintenance, and analysis of factual data and machine learning offers all the set of tools and learning algorithm to discover all the possible relationships between the big data.

Machine Learning In Finance

Machine learning can predict all the bubbles, crashes, and trends in the finance sector. It can analyze all the information about the borrowers, including their history, previous transactions as well as their social media activities.

Machine Learning In Ecommerce & Other Domains

However, ML is applicable in several areas ecommerce is the most beneficiary of it. The growth of ecommerce is immense, and share of mobile application in the online market is increasing rapidly. Therefore, a mobile app developer of the leading Mobile App Development Company is eager to incorporate ML and gain an edge in the competitive market. Let’s see some useful application areas for ML in ecommerce app development.

ML for Personalized Experiences in Ecommerce & Other Web Development

Machine learning offers a customized experience to your users with its constant learning process. Its algorithm can analyze many sources of information from different types of activities like credit ratings, recommendations, and social media activity.

Thus, ML can help your business to classify your users based on their likes, demographics, and interest. You can also learn these following things to strategies your marketing activities:

  • What your customers want
  • What they can afford to spend on your products or services
  • What are their likes, dislikes, preferences, and other aspects
  • How do they recognize your products or services

ML for Advanced Search in Ecommerce & Other Web Development

With the help of ML technologies, your users can search their desired products and services in your app. ML can help app developers to deliver a personalized, more contextual, and better result by making the search more intuitive and less annoying for the users.

The Machine Learning algorithm learns from the input of the customer’s questions and prioritizes them from one person to another. Besides, their advanced search enables you to collect all the data that your users searched. Reddit is using advanced search to improve the user search experience.

ML for Predicted User Behavior in Ecommerce & Other Web Development

By scrutinizing different data like gender, demographics, age, search queries, and many others, machine learning will help marketers recognize user behavior and their preferences.

You can improve your marketing strategies and the effectiveness of your mobile application with the help of these data. You can take appropriate actions to attract different types of audience with a marketing campaign based on user behavior.

ML for Improved Security in Ecommerce & Other Web Development

Yes, it is the most useful marketing tool it can also secure your mobile application. You can implement different kinds of biometric authentication like voice recognition, face recognition, finger recognition, and eye recognition to ensure your request. It helps you to determine the access right of the form. It even detects and prevents suspicious activities by protecting your users from real-time unidentified malware attack.

ML for User Engagement in Ecommerce & Other Web Development

By the way, machine learning tools permit you to provide strong customer support by arranging different kinds of astounding features. It entertains your customers, which is the strongest point to retain the attention of your customers and encourage them to use your mobile app regularly.

Big players like Facebook, Amazon, and others use ML to work on how to engage users with these intelligent request handling. With the help of ML technologies, you can quickly analyze the Big Data and draw real-time conclusions. The following are some mobile app equipped with the latest machine learning technologies and algorithms to ensure success in the market.

App Category How does ML help
Prisma Image editing Suggest size options
Dinner ideas Food Suggest recipes
Poncho Weather Sends daily weather forecasts
GymBot Sports Tracks daily fitness and sends notifications
Uber Transportation Provide estimated time of arrival and cost
Optimize fitness Health Provides a tailor workout program

At the End of the Day

Machine learning can empower your mobile apps with cutting-edge advanced searches, personalized user experiences, fast and secure authentication, and fraud protection. Hire Mobile App Development Company to build ML-powered mobile apps to beat stiff competitions in your industry.  Nowadays, tech-savvy people are spending more and more time on their smart mobile devices and love to have highly personalized app experiences. Are you ready for it?

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