Benefits of Mobile Portal

Before actually plunging into knowing what the benefits of a mobile portal are it becomes essential that we understand what a mobile portal exactly is. An active idle screen application that comes in a white label is the Mobile Portal. This portal provides its users with a single click access to various value added services as well as information…all via the idle screen. There are a lot of things that one could get from the mobile portals. A consistent user experience through the cross-platform, easy and instant access to various mobile devices and branding facilities are the key areas on which the mobile portal focuses on.

Mobile portal facilitates the environment for discovery of new services and thereby increase the average revenue per unit. Like the normal websites it is the home page of the mobile website which remains the chief and strategic place…a place that brings together the subscriber as well as the business owner, help him push the new services and also bring forth a better user experience.

It is through this mobile portal that one can enhance their brand visibility on the mobile web and also actively engage in developing user access to various services on the desktop, phone as well as handset devices. By doing so, one can use the data services and in turn this will bring about an automatic fillip in the data and voice average return per unit. Along with this there is more personalization of services through enhanced user experience and smooth online services and connections.

The mobile portal application is compliant on all open source operating system platforms and brings in a whole host of benefits for the mobile operators, for the original equipment manufacturers, and for content providers and most important of all for the end users too.

We will here, make an attempt to understand the kind of benefits that the mobile portal brings in for each segment that we have mentioned above.

First off, the benefits that the mobile portal brings in for the mobile operators are many. And most important ones are that it increases the CPC, CPM and CPT revenues right from its front page. There is ample shelf space created for promotional as well as advertising content. The mobile portal will help in tracking the usage statistics which will in turn help the operator to change his marketing campaigns so that there is an optimization of the return on investment.

Secondly, when we take a look into the benefits the mobile portals bring along for the original equipment manufacturer, we can understand that it elucidates upon the channels that will increase the awareness and also discoverability of their own OEM services. The manufacturer will be able to increase the value as well as the appeal of the device to operators. A mobile portal would definitely help the OEMs to promote their content and own services that could be white labeled too.

Third, when we look into the benefits the mobile portals bring in for the content providers we can understand that there is better extension and reach to the mobile devices for promotional content to the idle screen of the handset. It is definitely bound to deliver better user experience and also give more access to the content rather than WAP. Mobile portals give the benefit of having a bite-sized and mobile optimized view of all the content to the end user and this could also be treated as a small teaser to what is in store as a complete content or full service.

Finally when we try to recount the benefits the mobile portal brings to the end users we can see that the services are accessed with fewer clicks and the user can have a great experience right from the front page. There is scope for more personalization opportunities and there is also a dynamic display of the various important mobile events.

When we take all these perspectives into consideration we can reaffirm that there are a lot of benefits that the mobile portal brings along to both the parties involved.

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