Stupendous Role of Social Media in the Success of Any Business

Social media has arrived with a big bang…and the bang is so big that it is here to stay forever. This is one platform that business owners have tapped the entire potential the medium has to offer. The money spent on social media is doubled within a span of just one year. While Facebook tops the list, Twitter follows closely.

Marketing through social media has reached such a summit that it has achieved the status of being a mainstream medium through which business owners could promote and sell their products or services.

With more number of people becoming social media savvy and people watching television through YouTube or other online outlets, it definitely makes complete sense when business owners opt for the social media route to conduct their business. More number of ‘Likes’ on products in Facebook and more number of ‘followers’ on Twitter are a clear indication that trends in advertising have taken a giant leap. Though conventional procedures do have their relevance and still continue to exist, business owners discovered that the advantages a social shopping website would bring along are far too superior than the conventional methods.

Social networking platforms have grown in number galore and to top the list are Facebook and Twitter closely followed by Pinterest, Zynga, Foursquare, YouTube and Stumbleupon. These social networks too are highly competitive amongst themselves in trying to attract as many numbers of users as possible. While this year is dedicated to Facebook, next year it is expected that Twitter would be the topper as reported by an agency representative.

The kind of strategies that companies employ are so innovative and appealing too that people will find it very difficult to resist the temptation. For instance American Express in its Twitter campaign allowed card holders to synch their respective cards with their Twitter account so as to receive discounts from reputed retail brands.

Now, don’t you think this is something out of the world to promote your business? The business owner and the customer are in a win-win situation. This is the power of social shopping websites.

Now, the question arises, what is the main cause of the success of a business? Is advertising in social networks the main reason? Or is it the fans and followers that participates through various campaigns help in building loyalty for a particular brand? Perhaps, the right answer is a combination of both. Ultimately, businesses have to spend on advertising. And when the conventional methods have ceased to draw as much attention, diverting the ad spend onto social networks has proved to be really worthwhile for almost all businesses.

With the kind of positive outcomes that this kind of investing in advertising has brought about, business owners are now considering the social media networks as a mainstream platform for advertising. They are very clear about the fact that they have intelligent customers on hand who are educated, and are more informed.

As the social media networks clearly provide for advertising there has been a surge in demand from business owners to get their ads placed in slots that would get best recognition.

Facebook provides for advertising through Facebook Premium Ads and Facebook Marketplace Ads. Twitter provides for advertising through Twitter promoted Trends, Tweets and Accounts. Clients were interested in purchasing these spaces in order to promote their products and services.

All in all, majority of the ad agencies had a single opinion that social media spends had doubled when compared to the last year figures. When a survey was conducted to find out which social networking platform would create a big stir in the coming future, the responses were varied but a few echoed the opinion that Facebook, twitter and YouTube will continue to have an emphatic role to play.

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