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React vs Angular in 2019: Compare & Choose the Best Before Building Your App

JavaScript is no more a script; rather, it has gained a significance like more than a programming language, which has frameworks-based on it. For a web app developer, your struggle to find the best JavaScript framework for a job in

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

By definition, a software framework is an abstraction. It provides generic functionality that additional user-written code can change selectively and result in application-specific software. It means a software framework enables developers to create and deploy an application standard ways, fast,

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What Is the Difference Between Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps

We shifted from the desktop web to mobile web and app era. We accomplish our day-to-day tasks including shopping on mobile devices. Users used to celebrate the digital screen transformation thanks to mobility advantages comes with it. However, mobiles are

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How AI and ML Have Opened Doors of New Opportunities in Mobile App Development?

If a business thinks of its customers, it has to think of mobile devices in their palms. Today, we cannot imagine life without smartphones and tablets in our hands. Marketers perceive smart devices as magic wands to achieve business goals.

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