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Mobile Application Lifecycle Management – The Need for a Company to get Success

In today’s fast and mobile world, manpower is on-the-go most of the times. If the employees can have 24 / 7 access to business applications, they can become more productive. An organization should build the required mobile applications and monitor

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Application Development Lifecycle Management: A Structured Method for Accomplishing Business Goals

When a collection of programs satisfies certain requirements or resolves certain issues, then it is called an application. The collaboration between business management and IT has given rise to the application tools to facilitate the management functionality. It is essential

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Mobile Website Vs Mobile Applications :: Compare The Concepts

Mobile devices have actually made the world into a global nexus which is connected 24×7. Everything is acquired on the move with that small gadget of yours and makes the information easily palatable to you. The development of mobile applications

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Organizations Create a Surge of Mobile Application Development

Mobiles are a bare minimum necessity in today’s life. Tablets and smartphones have flooded the gadget market and have given a natural rise to mobile application development. In fact according to the survey by BZ Research, 57.1% organizations are currently

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Mobile Web Site CMS: A Sneak Peek

We have all heard of Content Management System that has take the websites by storm but what is this latest Mobile website CMS (Content Management System)? This type of CMS enables the website owner to store and deliver content as

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Benefits of Mobile Portal

Before actually plunging into knowing what the benefits of a mobile portal are it becomes essential that we understand what a mobile portal exactly is. An active idle screen application that comes in a white label is the Mobile Portal.

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