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Mobile Application Lifecycle Management – The Need for a Company to get Success

In today’s fast and mobile world, manpower is on-the-go most of the times. If the employees can have 24 / 7 access to business applications, they can become more productive. An organization should build the required mobile applications and monitor

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QR Codes – The Backbone of mCommerce

Integrating innovations into one’s system is the key to success and helps maintain a competitive edge over one’s contemporaries regardless of the niche to which the business belongs to. Use of QR code has become very popular and effective too

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Is Desktop Website Satisfactory for Mobile SEO and Responsive Web Design?

It is a well known fact that a lot is being accomplished by way of the smartphones and more and more websites are transforming or rather making their websites mobile friendly so that they do not lose out on this

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Mobile Website Vs Mobile Applications :: Compare The Concepts

Mobile devices have actually made the world into a global nexus which is connected 24×7. Everything is acquired on the move with that small gadget of yours and makes the information easily palatable to you. The development of mobile applications

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Web Developer Must Aware of Latest Trend of High Screen Resolutions

ZHPXNEVU2MG7 Numerous countries reported a huge revelation when they discovered that people had turned to higher resolutions and bigger screens. Gone are the days when people urged for compact devices, now, they want bigger and better! 1366×788 replaced the conventional

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Why a Business Mobile Web Site Design and Development?

First and foremost, it becomes essential to understand what a mobile website is. Over the past decade, usage of the web on the mobiles has increased rapidly and it is this luxury that has made the business owners also sit

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It is Time to Consider mCommerce Website as a Part of Your Business Plan

With the way conducting businesses have undergone a change, it becomes highly important for business owners to stay in reach with their customers. In order to tap this segment of the market, the brick and mortar businesses have made a

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Mobile Web Site CMS: A Sneak Peek

We have all heard of Content Management System that has take the websites by storm but what is this latest Mobile website CMS (Content Management System)? This type of CMS enables the website owner to store and deliver content as

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Benefits of Mobile Portal

Before actually plunging into knowing what the benefits of a mobile portal are it becomes essential that we understand what a mobile portal exactly is. An active idle screen application that comes in a white label is the Mobile Portal.

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Mobile Commerce Growth: Revolutionized the entire concept of shopping

One would definitely be astounded of the rate at which technology has taken a leap and revolutionized the entire concept of shopping. When certain sects of people are still grappling to get a hold of the ecommerce advantages, mCommerce has

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